Coming soon to a tap near you! 

Coming soon to a tap near you! 

We're FINALLY in Distribution! 

We made a promise to ourselves at the end of 2016: We wanted to get into the market - even if it meant just an inch. Well, as of February 2017, our distributor (Cavalier) starting bringing our beer to select locations throughout the Tallahassee area! Keep your eyes peeled for our hand-crafted, upcycled taphandles! In fact, if you want our beer at your favorite watering hole/restaurant, ask them about us and let's get keep that demand going! Now that we're in full-scale production, we've got beer ready to roll!

Going forward, we'll use this page as a means to announce upcoming beer releases as well as what events we'll be attending! 

Find our beer at these awesome venues (ask for our beer if you don't see it at your favorite restaurant or bar)!

Tallahassee Locations

  1. Madison Social
  2. Township
  3. The Edison
  4. Growler Country
  5. Miller Ale House
  6. 7th Hill Taproom
  7. Gaines Street Pies/Warhorse
  8. Midtown Pies
  9. Northside Pies
  10. Momo's Pizza -Tennessee Street
  11. Momo's Pizza - Market Square
  12. The Brass Tap Midtown
  13. The Brass Tap Downtown
  14. Midtown Caboose
  15. Izzy Sushi
  16. Fermentation Lounge
  17. Decent Pizza
  18. La Fiesta
  19. Bella Bella
  20. 319 Wine & Cheese
  21. Tailwind (TLH Airport - past the gate!)
  22. Hurricane Grill & Wings
  23. Backwoods Crossing
  24. Finnegan's Wake
  25. Aloft Hotel
  26. Vertigo Burger (Apalachee)
  27. Riccardos
  28. Dave's Pizza Garage
  29. Table 23
  30. Island Wing Company
  31. Cypress Restaurant
  32. Georgio's Restaurant
  33. J@M (Junction at Monroe)
  34. Cabo's Island Bar and Grill
  35. Urban Food Market
  36. Lucky's Market

Out of Market Locations

  1. Bottlenose Brewing Co. (Jacksonville)
  2. Loosey's Market Street (Gainesville)
  3. House of Beer (Gainesville)
  4. Fishale (Panama City)
  5. Tamara's Tapas (Panhandle)
  6. Paradise Craft House & Grill (Panhandle)
  7. Scallop Cove (Panhandle)
  8. Scallop Republic (Panhandle)
  9. Wine World (Destin)
  10. Wine World (Panama City Beach)
  11. Tipples Brews (Gainesville)
  12. Doc Meyers Pub (Panhandle)
  13. Break Awayz (Flagler Beach)
  14. Palomino Billiards (Gainesville)
  15. Brewz & Dawgz (St. Augustine)
  16. Growler Garage 30A (Panhandle)
  17. Owl Cafe (Panhandle)

Beers already in Distribution:

  1. Fourth Orbit Ginger Red
  2. Hopline Bling IPA
  3. Advanced Darkness Robust Porter
  4. LeeRoy the Red Imperial Amber
  5. Wheat in Tarnation American Hoppy Wheat
  6. Basketball Jones Dunkelweiss
  7. SMaSH Effect Zythos Pale Ale
  8. Horizon Line Rye Saison

Beers Coming Soon to Distribution:

  1. Oktoberfest Marzen-style Lager
  2. Blonde Claude Van Damme Belgian Blonde
  3. G-Street American Blonde Ale

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