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From Grass to Glass

From Grass to Glass

Our Approach

Our motto: Craft. Community. Conservation. feeds into our brewing practices. We care about what goes into our beer, how its made and what it represents. GrassLands, now and always, is about minimizing our carbon footprint, using 100% natural ingredients (organic and local whenever possible), and staying heavily engaged in the local community. 

A quick glance at our taproom menu on any given evening and you might notice that our menu is a little different than what you'd find at any other beer bar. We brew the beer we want to drink - and what we want to drink fluctuates just like anyone else. We normally have most, if not all, of our core beers on tap, complimented by many experimental styles and innovative sours - ultimately finished up with a gluten-free cider tap. We don't make gluten-free beer or cider (yet), but we will in the future. We can promise you that. 

Last but not least, the below list doesn't take into account small batch beers or various treatments we do...which is pretty regular!