Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions are asked of us more often than not. Here they are!

Are dogs welcome? 

Well-behaved furry friends are always welcome in the taproom! If needed, we have a water bowl (if you didn't know, it gets a bit hot in Tallahassee come summer). We just ask that any visiting dogs be kept on their leash(es). 

Do we have any live music? 

We don't have live performances in the taproom (other than comedy shows or speaking engagements), but there are consistent live performances on the newly constructed Garages on Gaines band shell and outdoor biergarten! 

Are children welcome?

Yes, supervised children are welcome to the taproom with their parents until 7pm. We require that they do not sit at the bar. 

Do you offer any other drinks besides beer? 

We are happy to offer several varieties of wine and craft sodas. Ask your server for a menu! We also have filtered water if needed. We do not sell any liquor/spirits.

Do you have trivia? 

Great question! We have Trivia with Patrick of the Trivia Factory every Tuesday evening at 7:00 and LGBTQ-themed Trivia with Hank every Sunday evening at 5! Show your knowledge for random trivia and compete for GBC gift cards! 

Is smoking allowed? 

We are a smoke-free taproom. However, we allow e-cigarettes as long as the vapor aroma doesn't interfere with other patrons' experience. There are ashtrays provided on the outdoor patio.

Are firearms allowed in the taproom?


I noticed some tow you tow?

GrassLands believes in responsible drinking. We do not want to encourage our patrons to drive inebriated out of fear of towing. We will not tow anyone unless it's obvious the car has been parked in our lot for more than 3 days (essentially, if you abuse the parking lot, you'll get towed). If you or a friend do not feel comfortable driving, let our bartender(s) know and we'll help you get a cab or Uber. 

Do you sell any food? 

Per our license, we do not offer any food. However, we encourage you to bring in your own - whether it be from home or from any of our awesome neighborhood restaurants! Ask any of our staff for recommendations! 

Why do you close earlier than 2am?

Currently, we close a little earlier each night as a professional courtesy to bars that stay open till 2am. We anticipate distributing GrassLands' beers before the end of 2016 and we want to  minimize any direct or indirect competition with businesses that will eventually be purchasing our beer. 

Do you have tours? 

As soon as our production system gets installed, we'll begin offering sanctioned tours and tastings (i.e. a tour, up to three tastings and a glass for $5 per person) on Saturdays. Right now, we provide ad-hoc tours throughout the week by request. On the flipside, we are a regular participant brewery on Tallahassee Brew Bus tours! Reserve your spot each weekend that we're on the docket and get some sweet discounts in addition to a fun tour! 

What about parking? 

There is a parking on the west side of the building and a gravel lot that extends to the rear of the building, where there's additional parking along the construction road. You can also park along Gaines Street (parallel) or park in the Turnbull Parking Garage for free after 4:30 (2 blocks up on Macomb Street).

Do you provide flights? 

Yes! We offer four 6oz pours of anything we have on tap for just $10! On Sundays, you can get $1 off flights!

Thanks for flying GrassLands!

Thanks for flying GrassLands!

Do you fill growlers? 

Yes! We sell GrassLands' labeled growlers of just about everything on tap. We are also happy to fill any official 32oz, 64oz or 120oz growler you bring into the taproom. 

How often do you brew? 

Currently, we're brewing 3-4 times each week. 

Where can I get your beer outside of the taproom? 

Right now, we're finally pushing a little beer out the back door to select accounts throughout Tallahassee! Once the larger production system is up & running, you can expect to find our beer (hopefully) at just about every draft location in town! Check here for an up-to-date overview of where you can find our beer! 

What do you do with your spent/used grains?

We donate our grains to local animal sanctuaries and co-op farms/gardens. If you are interested in participating in grain pick-up, please email us at info @!

Who is your distributor?

Cavalier Distribution. Check back soon for updates on our distribution launch status! 

Can I rent the taproom for a private event? 

We'll never close the taproom for a private event during normal business hours. However, we do take reservations for private events Monday evenings. Fun fact: if you have a party that's greater than 30, we waive the rental fee ($50 per hour)! Please email info @ to reserve your private event with us! 

Do you have TVs in the taproom? 

We have several TVs in the taproom (two display our beer menus and two are available to show sporting events, movies. etc.). 

Do you sell kegs to the general public? 

Yes! We are able to sell retail kegs of our beer with a $40 keg deposit. If you're interested in purchasing a keg from GrassLands, please email us at info @

Do you sell any other beer to go?

Absolutely! We typically have at least 1-2 varieties of special release bottles on hand for sale in the taproom. 

Do you donate beer? 

We do! Subject to availability and a clear association with GrassLands' mission of Craft. Community. Conservation., we are happy to donate 1-2 small kegs per month to nonprofit partners. Otherwise, we will consider a gift-basket of GrassLands' goodies for your charity event. If you are interested, please email us at info @

What is "Let's Get Beers Together?"

Great question! Let's Get Beers Together is an innovative, recurring event of which GrassLands is extremely proud. Every   Sunday, we host Let's Get Beers Together - which is designed to promote the taproom as a welcoming, community-focused environment for people of all walks of earth; a place of zero discrimination or judgment of any individual's race, religion, age, gender, gender expression, marital status, ancestry, military status or sexual orientation. We are a brewery that cares about providing direct and indirect support to individuals of the LGBTQ community and promoting awareness of subsequent issues that affect LGBTQ individuals. 

Who doesn't want to get together for locally-brewed beer with good people? 

Who doesn't want to get together for locally-brewed beer with good people? 

In addition, we utilize this community-first approach to partner with local/regional nonprofit organizations that share a similar mission/vision. Each month, we're happy to partner with a nonprofit organization and donate 10% of Sunday sale profits to that particular organization. If your organization wishes to partner with GrassLands Brewing Company's Let's Get Beers Together program, please email us at info @