Frequently Asked Questions

Given your proximity to FSU & FAMU, aren't you constantly overrun with college students? 

It's interesting, but most people who've never been to GrassLands' taproom tend to think that we're a stereotypical college bar. It's understandable: we're in very close proximity to both FSU and FAMU. However, we're very, very proud of the diversity in our guest demographics. While for the most part, the craft community is getting younger, but we see both men and women ages 25+ to 65+. We will get the 21st birthday celebration every now & then, which is awesome to see as we love seeing younger people in Tallahassee embracing the craft community - but we're definitely not a) your average bar and/or b) a college bar. We're a craft taproom with a focus on being as welcome as possible to people from all walks of life! 

Are dogs welcome? 

Well-behaved furry friends are always welcome in the taproom and absolutely on the newly renovated Beer Garden! If needed, we have a water bowl (if you didn't know, it gets a bit hot in Tallahassee come summer). We just ask that any visiting dog(s) be kept on their leash(es). Also, remember that dog owners get 20% discount on Sundays!

Do you have any live music? 

We don't have live performances in the taproom (other than comedy shows or speaking engagements), but there are consistent live performances on the newly constructed Garages on Gaines band shell and outdoor beer garden, as well as smaller, more intimate performances on the patio just outside our doors! Every Thursday evening we’re joined by an acoustic band on the patio!

Do you offer any other drinks besides beer? 

We are happy to offer cider and two varieties of wine. Ask your server for a menu! We also have filtered water if needed. We do not sell any liquor/spirits.

Do you have trivia? 

At this time, we do not offer trivia.

Is smoking allowed? 

We are a smoke-free taproom. However, we allow e-cigarettes as long as the vapor aroma doesn't interfere with other patrons' experience. There are ashtrays provided on the outdoor patio. Smoking is NOT allowed on the beer garden (artificial turf is flammable)

Are firearms allowed in the taproom?


What about children? 

We consider ourselves as a family-friendly environment. While the sun is up, monitored children are allowed to hang out with their parents or guardians. However, we ask that our patrons use common sense. The taproom, at the end of the day, sells alcohol. It can get crowded and noisy at times, which isn't the best environment for a child (or infant). We're also asked about teenagers. Just like children, teenagers are required to be under supervision of their parents/guardians. After a certain time during the evening (typically 7:30-8pm), we restrict patronage to 21+. Thank you for understanding. 

I noticed some tow you tow?

GrassLands believes in responsible drinking. We do not want to encourage our patrons to drive inebriated out of fear of towing. We will not tow anyone unless it's obvious the car has been parked in our lot for more than 3 days (essentially, if you abuse the parking lot, you'll get towed). If you or a friend do not feel comfortable driving, let our bartender(s) know and we'll help you get a cab, Uber or Lyft. 

Do you sell any food? 

Per our license, we do not offer any food. However, we encourage you to bring in your own - whether it be from home or from any of our awesome neighborhood restaurants! Ask any of our staff for recommendations! We’re also joined by two different food trucks every Friday & Saturday evening. Check out their amazing cuisine!

Why don't you close at 2am (12am at the latest)?

Currently, we close a little earlier each night as a professional courtesy to bars that stay open till 2am. We have begun distributing GrassLands' beers to numerous bars and restaurants around town and we want to minimize any direct or indirect competition with businesses that  purchase our beer. 

Do you have tours? 

We are a regular participant brewery on Tallahassee Brew Bus tours! Reserve your spot each weekend that we're on the docket and get some sweet discounts in addition to a fun tour! 

What about parking? 

Parking in our neck of the woods will always be a challenge, but we can rise above it, right? We're psyched to report that we've now got tons of FREE parking across the street from the taproom in a grass lot that holds 100+ cars and an additional lot on Macomb St. across from the Marriott Hotel that holds 250+ cars - all free! Otherwise, you can fight to find onsite parking, which is very limited, or parallel park along Gaines Street. In a pinch, the Turnbull Center Parking Garage is free after 4:30pm during the week and free on the weekend, and it's just a 2 min walk to the taproom. 

Do you provide flights? 

Yes! We offer four 6oz pours of anything we have on tap for just $10! On Sundays, you can get $1 off flights!

Thanks for flying GrassLands!

Thanks for flying GrassLands!

Do you fill growlers? 

Yes! We sell GrassLands' labeled growlers of just about everything on tap. We are also happy to fill any official 32oz or 64oz growler you bring into the taproom. We also have a Crowler machine. A crowler is a 32oz single can that we sell to go! It's pretty dang cool to see your own beer get canned in front of you! 


How often do you brew? 

We brew two to three times per week. 

Where can I get your beer outside of the taproom? 

In February 2017, our distributor (Cavalier) began bringing our beer to select locations in Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Panama City Beach, and all along the Hwy 30A Corridor! Keep your eyes peeled for our hand-crafted brews and if you want our beer at your favorite watering hole/restaurant, ask them about us and let's get keep that demand going! 

What do you do with your spent/used grains?

We donate our grains to local animal sanctuaries and co-op farms/gardens. If you are interested in participating in grain pick-up, please email us at info  AT grasslandsbrewery DOT com

Who is your distributor?

Cavalier Distribution

Can I rent the taproom for a private event? 

Yes! We take reservations for private events  Sunday afternoons/evenings and Monday evenings. We can also retn out our beer garden if there isn’t already a previously scheduled event. Beer Garden reservations are $100/hour from Tuesday through Thursday, then $150/hour Friday through Sunday. For more information, please email info AT grasslandsbrewery DOT com to reserve your private event with us! 

Do you have TVs in the taproom? 

We have several TVs in the taproom (two display our beer menus and two are available to show sporting events, movies. etc.). 

Do you sell kegs to the general public? 

Yes! We are able to sell retail kegs of our beer with a $40 keg deposit. If you're interested in purchasing a keg from GrassLands, please email us at info AT grasslandsbrewery DOT com. With more advanced notice, we are better prepared to allocate kegs for retail. 

Do you sell any other beer to go?

Absolutely! We have crowlers and growlers waiting for you. 

Do you donate beer? 

We do! Subject to availability and a clear association with GrassLands' mission of Craft. Community. Conservation., we are happy to donate beer to nonprofit partners on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested, please email us at info AT grasslandsbrewery DOT com.