You might even learn somethin' when you hang out with us!

You might even learn somethin' when you hang out with us!

Come on in! 

On our 12 taps we feature a wide variety of styles, so everyone can find something they enjoy! We're also happy to provide wine and craft sodas for folks that aren't drinking beer. 

We put a ton of thought and elbow grease into our taproom - which is an explosion of steampunk and the rustic south themes...while doing our best to capture and highlight the 50+ year history of our building: the Garages on Gaines. Whether you're a first-time visitor or long-time regular, your experience is of the utmost importance to us!

We do not serve food! However, we absolutely welcome you to bring your own with you to the taproom. There are some amazing, locally-owned restaurants within walking distance of GrassLands. Most of them deliver too! We're more than happy to provide a recommendation or a menu stashed behind the bar.

We're extremely active in the social networking while you're here, be sure you check in via our Facebook, Twitter, Untappd or Instagram platforms! 

Fun Fact: We're dog-friendly! Well-mannered, leashed fur-babies are always welcome in the Taproom!