Miss us?

Natural Daylight in the brewhouse? CHECK! Howdy! Been a little while since we last posted, eh? I hate droning on & on about how difficult it is to put something together more consistently, but with all that's been going on, I'm typing this at 10:03 AM Friday morning...the morning of. However, I'm doing it with a huge smile on my face because I relish being this busy. Every time someone asks us about how things are going - I smile and say, we're freakin' busy! I should probably get that checked out, right?

Truth is exactly that - we're busy. Between the daily progress being made in our brewery and taproom and the day-to-day administration of paperwork, filing, etc. etc. etc, we've barely got any time to brew - which is a fairly important thing to do, right? It's almost like we have to force ourselves to get some boiling wort together over a 5-hour period; or simply sit down and put together an article. We're managing as best as possible and I definitely want to incorporate a more consistent article posting schedule in the future.

With that all said, how about an update? For those of you who aren't on our weekly Fermentation Friday newsletter email list or following along our journey on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, you might not be as caught up to speed with all the goings-on at 603 West Gaines Street, Tallahassee, FL 32304. As you can see from the above picture, our roof has now been lifted and we're totally walled in throughout the taproom and brewery! It's a truly amazing thing to watch how quickly thing began to take shape following the receipt of our building permits.

The other day, I jokingly compared our brewery's building progress to the Paper Street Soap Company in Fight Club on my personal Facebook page - how it's a living, breathing thing. That's no lie...with everyone working on numerous different things in & around the taproom and brewery, you almost get lost thinking about how this was just an empty warehouse a mere three months ago. Construction-wise, here's what's happened since our last post:

  • We're totally sheetrocked in - every open wall bracket has been covered up & mudded for painting to occur after thanksgiving - which will totally be on us. Interested in helping?
  • Our non-brewing commercial equipment (sinks/tap system/lines) have all either been ordered or installed
  • Our pilot system is about to arrive (WOOOOOOOOT!)
  • Our massive cold-room, which we're dubbing "OD-1000", has been assembled and stands enormous compared to anything else in the building. No joke, it's 21' x 25' and, at 10' tall, makes you feel really, really short. I've talked about it in the past, but this will be a 2-stage cooler (35º serving/lagering temperatures for 1/3 of the space, 65º ale fermentation/keg staging temps for the latter 2/3 space) - inspired by Greg Rapp from Rapp Brewing Company. Thanks Greg!
  • Our taproom furniture is about to arrive and all of our tables have been delivered...really beautiful stuff!
  • Our bar has been framed up & is ready to be beautified!

Over the next several weeks, the taproom will really begin to take shape and we'll push out its progress as much as possible. We're talking painting, lighting, decor, furniture, concrete floor staining, bar top installation, tap tower installation, A/C, bathrooms, the works. We're really, really excited to see all those things happen - and they'll happen with a quickness. That's a promise.

Now all we need to do is nail down a solid launch timeframe, right? We're workin' on it!

Till then, have an absolutely awesome weekend, my dear readers, because ya know what? You definitely deserve it!