The (unfortunate) holding pattern

It is what it is.

You know what? We hate that phrase. It means that you've got no other choice but to be complacent with things as they are. That's kinda the situation we're in at the moment. Obviously, we'd like to have opened GrassLands Brewing Company's doors six weeks ago, but due to crosses in communication, delays and the navigating of general bureaucratic obstacles, we're at a position where we've got to sit tight & wait. That's not to say that we don't have work to do - the waiting is on our permitting...we still got a crapload of other crap to get done. Let's paint a picture, shall we? :D

To build out any new business, permitting is required - required for general demolition, electrical, construction, and the list goes on & on. As a brewery, we must coordinate the permitting battle on multiple fronts (working with our building owner, building contractors, interior and architectural design teams, etc.). It's a full-time job just doing that! Well, when you think you've got all your T's crossed and i's dotted and submit your building permits so the city will allow you to make physical progress, you're likely going to have areas that require attention before you can proceed. Once those areas are addressed by your architects and subsequently your contractors, you have to re-submit your permitting request to the city. They then have 7 business days (that is, if you expedited the permit request) to either grant you your requested permits or decline and request a resubmit...which you don't have any other choice than to comply - if you haven't lost your mind with anticipation by then, that is.

We are now in a holding pattern, unfortunately, between a resubmitted permit request with the city of Tallahassee. All we can do is wait for an acceptance or another decline requesting we address point X, Y & Z before yet another resubmit. We aren't necessarily unique in this regard, especially with respect to our fellow breweries. Manufacturing is a big deal - and when you throw in alcohol and waste product into the mix, everyone seems to get on edge with their level of scrutiny.

In other words - It is what it is. 

We're close though, the news has been good in our communication with the city of Tallahassee - who really have been in our corner for this thing. Really, most everyone has been in our corner - what this whole process has taught us is the value of patience. Our team has been working very hard for a good amount of time and we're just seething with anticipation to get into the operational phase of our business model. I don't know of anyone who'd disagree with that notion. Right now, we're defining ourselves by our resilience and attention to detail while we get this thing ready to roll. Just a quick run-down of what's about to hit over at GrassLands:

  • Build-out of our brewery AND taproom AND exterior deck space
  • Taproom furniture fabricated and ready to be delivered/installed
  • Taproom bar-top currently being fabricated
  • Custom tap tower fabricated and being delivered TODAY!
  • Pilot brewing system nearing completion of fabrication and delivery/installation
  • 504 SBA Loan application ACCEPTED!!!
  • Order about to be placed for our primary brewing system/components; and
  • Fabrication/installation nearly ready for our cold-room

Cool? Lots of news likely to be coming in the next Fermentation Friday post! Please bear with us while we transition the website into something new new new :)

With that said, we want you to have an absolutely awesome weekend, my dear readers, because you know what? It isn't always necessarily what it is. You freakin' deserve an awesome weekend!