The Importance of Team

While we await the real fireworks to get underway at 603 West Gaines Street, Tallanasty, FL 32304; I figured now is a great time to review why I'm so confident GrassLands will be a success - and that's because of the team we've assembled...that we will continue to assemble in the coming months & years. I have a GrassLands-related presentation I give to numerous groups (maybe you've seen it) and I've modified it to include the importance of identifying your own weaknesses as a business owner and subsequently identifying & recruiting the right people to make those weaknesses strengths. There are only so many hats one single person (usually the president) can wear before the business itself starts to suffer.

Having the right people in place can push a business onto a completely different level. It's also not about just having those people in the right place, it's treating them with the respect they deserve for making your business fire on all cylinders. When you've got a happy, functioning team, the business couldn't be healthier. Now, each & every business deals with turnover eventually - and in a college town like Tallahassee, that's bound to happen more often than not, simply because Tallahassee isn't quite there yet as a destination for college graduates to stay following the completion of their studies. It's gettin' there, though! That's for sure :D

Our team consists, if you didn't already know, of myself (Gabe Grass) as the president and (current) head brewer/head marketer, Scott Hall as the vice president of operations - overseeing GrassLands' taproom and co-teaming with me on wholesale relations, Saralyn Grass as our pseudo-silent GM consultant for the time being - assisting where needed on HR, accounting & taxes (fun fact, Saralyn is working full-time alongside this venture, so she qualifies for sainthood for any assistance she provides - to put it like the Monday Night Brewing fellas and their spouses), Andrew P. as our head taproom beer slinger, and Corey F. & Thomas C. as GrassLands' brew team - both pilot and primary systems. Six employees to start this sucker out...knowing that we'll likely add more service staff to offset the work we'll do in the taproom. What, you can't handle it all on your own, Andrew? :)

If, nay...WHEN GrassLands proves to be a successful operation, it'll be due to the folks in the previous paragraph, the work/effort/passion they put into their job(s), and their ability to work alongside one another. One thing is for sure, we'll show them our full appreciation for their efforts. I personally have worked on both ends of the spectrum, and the work output and the pride one takes in their work is definitely one-sided in those scenarios. In fact, one of the first things you notice when you walk into Cigar City Brewery's administrative offices is their employee  picture wall. In order of hire date (at least I believe that's the case) CCB posts a framed picture of each and every one of their employees, along with their name & title. That's just a little reminder to each employee that you value them, which every business has an opportunity to do each & every day. Sadly, not enough do this.

But I digress - the point is that we (I) know that GrassLands can't get off the ground because of just one person (me) or the work of one person (mine). It takes a group effort and we're a solid group, continuing to solidify with each passing day. Soon enough, you'll see what I'm talking about!

With that, we'll leave you to it for now - have an absolute blast of a weekend, my dear readers, because you freakin' deserve it! And if you manage an awesome team at home, at play or at work, let 'em know they're valued!