New Posting Schedule

20140828_183333 Howdy, GrassHoppers! As we head into the 2-3 month home stretch before we anticipate getting GrassLands Brewing Company up & running, we're now moving to a modified posting schedule. No mas are we posting Every. Single. Friday. I love posting every Friday - and it hurts whenever I don't get to do that. It's one of my favorite things to do - but like our buddies to the north (Monday Night Brewery), found out the closer they came to opening, there's sometimes just too much to do week in & out - and lately that's been the case more often than not. Fun fact? I'm typing this at 9:40 am the day that it's supposed to go live! In months/years past, I've been on it the week of - draft all ready to roll by Wednesday evening. Gabe = Slacker.

But in all seriousness (are we ever talking in all seriousness?) - we've got a lot going on - enough so that we realize it's a little too much to be posting every week. For those of you who get our Fermentation Friday newsletters, they'll still come out every Friday at noon. However, we're going to be modifying our Friday website posts to every other Friday, which is much more manageable. Given the amount of paperwork/planning/brewing/serving we've got going on, it's gotta happen. Just has to. We've got some cool things in the works with regard to our online presence, so you can bet we're working on that diligently too!

So now what? Oh yeah, that picture above - our nice little warehouse is getting transformed into a grown-up sandbox. As part of the final demolition plans, our renovator is in the process of removing the heavy-duty concrete to trench out areas for all our plumbin' needs. That means there's a lot of displaced concrete, dirt & water. Fun? Guess what? It's also freakin' loud. I don't head over to the brewery any more until after quittin' time. That or I'm wearing earplugs. How do these guys do it day & day out? I digress.

It's amazing to see how quickly a neat warehouse can turn into a temporary war zone...and that's exactly what it looks like. For those of you who are interested in seeing progress pictures as they happen, we've set up a folder on our Facebook feel free to check in every now & then! Tangible progress! Woot!

With that, we're going to sign off and get to brewin. Groundation Amber Rye pilot batch #13 coming up! Have an absolutely awesome Labor Day weekend, my dear readers, because you freakin' deserve it! (and don't forget why we've got this Monday off work - well, at least most of us do anyways)