Things are starting to come together...

Last week, we broke the news that our building construction got underway (awesomesauce) and how weird a feeling it is to get excited about a bunch of renovators making a mess - it's not so much the mess as what the mess represents. For those of you who've been with us for a while, you know how serious this is starting to get - which makes things all the more re for us. We're honestly beside ourselves with each passing day, because this thing is really beginning to solidify!

Today, we'll provide a brief (very) description of what the interior of our taproom will look and feel like. Initially, we'll only have 1,000 square feet to work with, which isn't much, but we're going to make it ours. One of the best pieces of advice we received as we began to plan the build-out of GrassLands' taproom came from our very own Saralyn - who said the following: "I want our place to be somewhere I'd like to go on a date." Wow - we were floored. Be honest, how many breweries have you visited, my dear readers, that have been a place you'd like to take someone on a first date...better yet, a place you think your date would enjoy visiting?

Some breweries make their main focus their beer - which is a good thing. But sometimes if you want to have a retail side (taproom), it helps to have a place that's enjoyable for a bunch of people. We won't have food (production facility license vs. a brewpub license), so it's pretty important to us to have an eclectic taproom where people can feel comfortable bringing their date, their co-workers, their parents. Don't get us wrong, our primary focus will be on making the best beer possible and representing both the craft beer scene in the city of Tallahassee as well as the state of Florida. But we aren't going to skimp on our taproom. The way it's turning out, our 1k square feet space is going to freakin' pop!

The above image is most likely the first thing you'll see when you walk in - a community table. One of our focal points is to provide a place for people to gather and socialize while enjoying our (and others') beers. Patrons will be encouraged to engage with each other, even if they're strangers. We'll have community spaces in and outdoors to serve that very purpose. What's nice is that we get to be creative in how that community/socializing space looks & feels. As we get our decor/interior design nailed down pat, we'll provide you with as much rendered content as you can stand, but for the time being, we'll all have to be satisfied with a general description. Our taproom will be steampunk meets industrial meets rustic design. Will we make that work? We'll just have to see! Can you begin to imagine what that might even look like?

At a minimum, Saralyn's desire for the look/feel of GrassLands' taproom will definitely be realized! You're gonna want to stay a while and meet new people (hopefully) when you spend some time with us! :D Cool?

Okay, with that, we'll leave you to it for the weekend! Have an awesome one, my dear readers, because you definitely deserve it!