Let's build a brewery!


For those that are close to us, they know this has been a long, long time coming. As of Thursday morning, OliverSperry (an awesome local contractor) began smashing walls and crap to pieces at 603 West Gaines Street - the future home of GrassLands Brewing Company. It's a weird feeling to get so excited about kicking up some dust, but when you've been so long in the planning stages of launching a business, I imagine anyone would get all giddy about making a mess of their future home. We certainly are! :D

So we'll keep it brief today for your (and our) benefit - we do have a tasting to get to in Amelia Island this afternoon! We wanted to chat construction for a bit - specifically, our project. Our project is not the entire building, but rather an anchor portion of it. We'll likely expand into an adjacent building separated by two 2-hour firewalls in the very near future, but for now, our space is going to be comprised of 5,000 square feet (1,000 for taproom and 4,000 for brewery) with an extended entrance/deck space on the exterior. The building, an old electrical warehouse, is getting remodeled by OliverSperry Construction to house between 5-7 tenants that are local businesses - ultimately transforming into what's being called Garages on Gaines - follow 'em on the book for periodic information about what businesses have signed up and their respective timeframes for opening. Ours is part of the overall shell project to build out "boxes" (or walled-in spaces) for each tenant.

We really crack down on our electrical, plumbing and lighting plans next week - along with utilities like natural gas. The focus for our specific project is to open GrassLands' taproom first - which has always been our priority. At a minimum, we want to have a functional gathering space where we can serve (primarily) Florida craft beer until our brewery project phase is complete and we can start brewing our own beer with Federal & State approval. There's a few reasons behind this move, which isn't really all that unique, considering that many of our colleagues (Tomoka Brewery, Aardwolf Brewing Company, Green Room Brewing, to name a few) have done the same thing in the early stages of their businesses. The primary one is to have an actual location where people can come and enjoy themselves while at the same time get to see the progress of our brewery construction happening before their eyes. Cool? We certainly hope so!

It won't be long now...this thing is picking up speed at a nice clip and we're doing all we can to stay in front of it! So much to do between now & opening, but we're really, really happy to cross things off our list one by one. We're psyched about all the support we get on a daily basis as well as the mutual excitement about our pending opening. We're getting there! Baby steps!

With that, we'll leave you to it for now. Have an absolute blast of a weekend, my dear readers (new & old!), because you most definitely deserve it!