Campaign Success!!!

  Yeah buddy! You guys & gals rock!

Pat yourselves on the back. Go ahead, we'll wait.

As of Monday evening, you...YOU, my dear readers, helped us meet and immediately blow right on past the Grasstacular Fundathon! campaign goal of $30,000! For that, we are forever grateful. It's not so much the funds raised/committed as it is the overwhelming amount of supporters we've seen rally around GrassLands Brewing Company. We're blown away by you and everything you've helped accomplish over the past 36 days. With a week to spare, any lingering worries about not meeting our campaign goal were erased within a few minutes, as a BUNCH of you jumped on board with GrassHopper Club membership commitments once we were within $250 of $30,000!

Today, we're 4 days left and sitting pretty at $32,000+ with over 220 backers! Can we just stop for a moment and acknowledge how freakin' awesome that is? Can we get a FREAKIN' WOOOOOOOOOOOOT! from the crowd, please? Okay, now that we've acknowledged this accomplishment with an appropriate response - let's see how many memberships we can get on board before the close of the campaign next week. 49 currently! Who's number 50? 51? 52? ....and so on?

Once our campaign goals were met, we immediately put in the purchase order for our pilot system...remember the one we hyped up last week? Yeah, that'll be ours in just 8-10 short weeks. Yeah right...that's going to be a lifetime! Well, maybe not. Know why? Well, that's because our building has been permitted for DEMOLITION TO BEGIN NEXT WEEK! LOUD NOISES!!! That means we'll be documenting as much as possible as the dust gets kicked up a notch at our empty & lonely warehouse. Let the transformation begin!

So yeah, we're a little excited for this Fermentation Friday post. Enough so that we'll just leave it on that high note. Renderings of our interior coming soon too...AwesomeSauce! This thing just took another huge step toward becoming a reality!

With that, we'll leave you to it for now. Have an absolutely awesome weekend, my dear readers, because you most definitely deserve it! We're stoked and so should you! Baby steps to Fall 2014!