Light in Sight

Woooooot! Short & sweet yet again this this is typed all the way from Florida's beer heaven (AKA: Tampa/St. Pete)...owners Gabe & Saralyn gotta jet soon to make it back to good ol' Tallahassee to help Domi Ventures' Domi Station celebrate their entrepreneurial happy hour with some GrassLands Brewing Company Groundation Amber Rye!

Here's where we're at with our crowdfunding push via the Grasstacular Fundathon!: 105 overall backers (sweetness), $12,565/$30,000 raised (awesomeness), and 42% toward our goal with 18 days left (sweetawesomeness)! What we're really psyched about is how many folks have turned toward the GrassHoppers Membership Club reward (24 so far) which is available for a $250 donation. This reward level, by far, has received the most attention...from a general question standpoint to a substantial desire to grow the membership.

Here's why we're so psyched about this option - the GrassHoppers Membership Club is a yearly membership that is limited to 250 individuals. Here's what's included in the yearly membership: 5 (five) special or limited release 750 ml bottles of GrassLands beer. These are awesome & creative beers that won't hit distribution and can only be obtained at the taproom. "But guys, what if I don't live in Tallahassee or get the chance to visit the Sunshine State's capital all that often?" (we can hear you asking) - No Problemo: Enter in the glory of a trustee. Your trustee is an assigned person who can pick up your bottles on your behalf and get them to you as you see fit. We'd love to be able to send beer, it's just illegal :( This allows potential out-of-town GrassHopper club members the opportunity to get our limited release batches much easier! 24 folks have signed up so far out of a possible 250, so there's a ton to go around! Oh yeah, the other benefits? 10% off any pours in the taproom (16 oz or less) - an incredible savings opportunity, and a GrassHoppers Membership Club brewery workshirt. See the ones in our video above? Think those, but wayyy cooler, cause you'll be wearin' em :)

105 folks so far - that still blows our collective's incredible to watch the growth of the campaign and the interest from all of you. You guys & gals are truly awesome and we are so grateful to be supported in such a way! We've still got a little bit to go - but there's definitely light at the end of this crowdfunding tunnel. Know who else has been really cool? The folks at! Oh yeah, sharing is caring...I say it over & over again - sharing the Fundathon! within your own networks (email, facebook, twitter, word of mouth) is just as important toward the success of our campaign as your financial contribution!

Anyways, we'll leave you to it for now. Thank you for all you do, my dear readers - have an absolutely awesome weekend, because you most definitely deserve it!