Everyone Loves a Crowd! Get involved with the Fundathon!

Freakin' Woooooooot! Short & sweet this week. Really short & sweet. As you can see above, our CrowdFunding Campaign: GrassLands' Grasstacular Fundathon! is now in full swing! We are completely blown away by all the support so far and we've got 39 more days to go! No joke, this has been so humbling to watch progress, we can't even put it into words. GrassLands will be able to hit the ground running because of some really, really awesome people (hint: this means you, my dear readers).

So, with that said, I'd be remiss if I didn't respectfully request that you all take a good look at our campaign, watch our quirky & genuine video, and peruse the rewards & experiences we've got to offer in exchange for helping a cool & eclectic small business open its doors that much faster. CrowdBrewed.com has been amazing to work with so far and we honestly are so psyched about this campaign's potential.

Our charge to you:

Please press the "Share Button" of your choice at the bottom of our campaign page and spread the word about the freakin' Fundathon! 

Sharing is Caring!

We've been telling everyone that as important as a financial contribution is to seeing this campaign through, its social mobility is just as integral toward its success. The more people that see this sucker, the more rewards we can dole out, the faster we can hit the ground running! This is consumin' our freakin' lives at the moment, so bear with us while we sit back and get excited over what could be! :D

With that, we'll leave you to it for now, dear readers. We're blown away by your support and we're so eager to get GrassLands started! Have a wonderful weekend, because you most definitely deserve it!