Guest Post Time!

Andrew holding it down Andrew holding it down

We kick things off this week with another guest post - this time from future GrassLands Brewing Company beer slanger Andrew P.! Andrew has been nearly attached at the hip to GrassLands for the past two years and has been a great addition to our family. Expect Andrew to be a mainstay in GrassLands' taproom in the (now) not-too-distant future! Today he tells a brief story about his craft experience in Tallahassee! Happy reading and have an awesome weekend, dear readers, because you most definitely deserve it! 

From Andrew P. 

During the last two years of my exploration into Tallahassee’s craft beer scene, it has expanded mightily, going from two craft beer bars to now two brewpubs & a full production brewery (plus we heard there's another one about to hit the scene...know its name? :D). Along with that, many of the "big boys" in the industry have, within the past year, begun distributing into Florida (New Belgium, Founders, etc). This has allowed us local parched folks to get a flavor for what the rest of the nation has been doing for a while, and what the future is for Tallahassee!

The start of craft beer in Tallahassee significantly lagged behind the rest of Florida, but after its first two craft bars opened in 2008 (Proof and Fermentation Lounge), the frenzy never stopped.

Momo's Pizza expanded their already awesome pizza joint to the north side of town with a brewpub so that some folks don't have to travel downtown for an awesome slice & beer. Fermentation Lounge continues to be on the forefront of innovative specialty beer as well as recently expanding their brewing capacity so Robert and the Ferm brew team can keep their new fermenters filled and their Haus Bier on tap! Not to mention, Proof's (now) two locations with 70 (!) total taps between them keeping Tallahasseeans' pint glasses filled.

With the ongoing revitalization of the Gaines Street/CollegeTown/Downtown area, there will be plenty of room for the Tallahassee craft beer industry to grow. By this fall, there will be two production breweries and a brewpub within walking distance of each other! That's pretty awesome if you ask me! Tallahassee is on the upswing when it comes to craft beer, and it's about time if you ask me.

This is just the beginning of things in Tallahassee, folks. I absolutely can't wait to see what the next five years will bring! I'm also extremely psyched to be a part of that growth.