Stoked for our neighbors!

Tallahassee salivates... We're short & sweet again this week as we prepare for our last (albeit private) event for the spring - Pres. Gabe's sister and brother in-law are expecting a baby and we brewed a special, tropical IPA (name to be revealed soon) for their baby shower in Atlanta! Yes, we'll be out of town yet again! Sometime in the near future, we're going to have to spend a few more weekends in Tallahassee to get this sucker opened! There aren't any more trips to the Caribbean in the next few months, so we're pretty good to go! Also, a huge thanks to everyone who showed up to help New Leaf Market celebrate their 40th anniversary last weekend! We definitely know this, Tallahassee is thirsty. You helped kick five of our kegs in two hours! Dang! Thank you, New Leaf, for inviting us to be a part of your celebration!

Anyways, today is about celebrating small business, craft beer and Tallahassee. We're very, very psyched that our good friends at Proof Brewing Company will open the doors to their new production facility this afternoon! GrassLands and Proof owners/operators Byron and Angela Burroughs have enjoyed a good collaborative relationship over the past year and we're going to be right front & center to help them celebrate their grand opening today. Proof is a great representation of the type of time, effort & commitment it takes to get a production facility up & running. We're right on their tail with an expected launch of our taproom this Fall, but today we step back and applaud their continuous efforts to bring more beer to Tallahassee and Florida.

Byron will operate a 20-barrel production system with goals of canning in the near future. Between his 20 bbl system (and existing 3 bbl system), Momo's 3 bbl system, Fermentation's 2 bbl system and our 15 & 2 bbl systems (when we get up & operational this fall), that's a crapload of beer coming out of the relatively small capital of Florida! Not just a lot of beer , but innovative and solid beer to boot. We've said all along that we're jazzed on Tallahassee's growth in the craft beer industry and we're eager to contribute to furthering that cause. Congrats Byron, Angela & the rest of the Proof Brewing Company team!

So with that, we'll leave you to it for now. This weekend is gonna be nutty, but at least afterward, we'll have some solid time in Tallahassee to put the finishing touches on planning and begin the buildout of GrassLands...that way we can join the fun! Have a freakin' awesome weekend, my dear readers, because you definitely deserve it!