A New Leaf!

We go short & very sweet this week - for a few reasons...the most significant being that Saralyn and Gabe are currently in San Juan, Puerto Rico! We lucked out in that Saralyn had a conference to attend and Gabe got to tag along :D The scene here in PR is very interesting. Chill people...unless you're on the road during rush hour. Weird thing that I haven't yet figured out: Nobody yields to police officers with their lights flashing. Everyone merges at once. For such a chill culture, it's definitely a high contrast on the road. An absolutely beautiful island!

Okay so short & sweet. We're psyched to be a part of New Leaf Market's 40th Carnival Co-Op Anniversary Celebration this Saturday! If you're in town, please check out this event (say hi to us & try our beers) but definitely get an understanding as to what New Leaf adds to Tallahassee. Any time we can collaborate with such a cool, innovative business, we're down to do it. Add into the mix that we share similar philosophies and it's extra valuable. We fully anticipate partnering with New Leaf in the future and collaborating with a number of their participating farms. Billy (the beer dude) at New Leaf has been so awesome!

Anyways, we'll have five different beers available and we'll be serving from 3-8 (or until our beer runs out). Stop by and say hi to Scott & Andrew who'll be working their tails off! Ask them why they're not in Puerto Rico! :D

Like I said, short & sweet! The sun is shining and the rainforest is beckoning - so we'll oblige the itch!

Have an absolutely awesome weekend, my dear readers, because you most definitely deserve it!