Beer Here!


That's the number for this weekend.

Between tonight's (semi)private celebration event and tomorrow's Due South (see above) event in Thomasville, GA - we'll be serving up 15 beers. That's a lot. That's more over the course of 36 hours than I've ever served before. No worries - I've got a HUGE smile on my face :D (see?)

We'll keep it really, really light today because I'm running around like a madman in prep. Once 6 pm rolls by, life will be enjoyable again. Know why? We're totally blown away by all the support we're getting, both locally, statewide and throughout the southeast region of the US. We're expecting to fully kick all our beers tonight and sell all our merch - which will be awesome as those $20 shirts will help directly finance our taproom & brewery buildout!

We're also really, really excited about June 2nd. Keep a lookout as to why. Your lone clue, my dear readers, is this:


We also want to give a shoutout to all the craft fans in our state - pushing each one of their house & senate representatives in favor of the craft industry. While we don't personally believe SB1714 (AKA - the WTF? Bill) will pass into law, it's extremely disheartening and insulting to see such a lack of awareness, education and enthusiasm for small business and tourism in this state from our legislators. However, it's totally awesome to see the support coming from each & every sector out there - oppose 1714! Make your voice heard!

Okay - we'll leave you to it for now! Have a freakin' blast of a weekend, my dear readers, because you most definitely deserve it!