The (beer) future of Florida's Capital

We won't lie: we've professed our love for Florida's Capital city numerous times in the past - and that love has only increased. Saralyn and I have been here since 2006 - but we feel like we're locals...folks that've been here their whole lives. Others definitely feel the same way and when we express that sentiment with others, they tend to agree, regardless of the amount of time they've lived here! Tally is a relationship-driven community with a love for its universities, small business, food & beer! See where we might fit in?

What we're really excited about is aiding in the ongoing construction of a solid craft beer foundation in Tallahassee. With that, we'll  keep our enthusiasm short & sweet this week. Though by the end of this, it probably won't seem so short, but still sweet :D

The Pioneers

  1. Fermentation Lounge - of any beer-related business (brewery or bar), we've been friends and collaborators with Ferm the longest. They're all about supporting the community as well and we totally feel the same way. Ferm carved out a niche in their own little neighborhood (All Saints) by serving hard to come by craft beer as well as their own releases. We're excited about their future expansion as they just leased a warehouse to aid in their brewing development and consistency! Head Brewer Robert C. is a great friend and huge supporter of GrassLands Brewing Company! The whole staff/owners, really - they're all encouraging of more beer development in Florida's capital.
  2. Proof Brewing Company - Proof got going right around the same time as Fermentation did in 2008 - offering a slew of beer choices and as of today, they've got the widest selection of craft on tap in town. We've become good friends with owners Byron & Angela as well as their fun-loving staff and we couldn't be happier for their expansion into Railroad Square with a 10,000 sq/ft production facility! The amount of beer about to be brewed in Tallahassee is going to substantially increase and it will, in large part, be due to Proof's efforts. The building will no doubt be gorgeous and offer a nice alternative to their first location within walking distance of Florida State's campus.
  3. Momo's Pizza Brewpub - If you want some rock solid beers to go with, in our opinion, some of the best pizza ever created, Momo's is your place. Owner Donnie and head brewer John have teamed up to create something special on Tallahassee's northside/marketplace. Pizza and beer go hand-in-hand, and with the quality & consistency of John's creations (recipes for which you can usually purchase to brew own your own at the adjacent Homebrew Den), Momo's is rounding out the current craft scene in Tallahassee. Folks on the northside don't know how lucky they are!

The Future

  1. Mad Mullet Brewing CompanyMad Mullet is most likely going to be Tallahassee's 3rd brewpub (fourth, if you count the long-defunct Buckhead Brewery), and we're really stoked for Reed & company as they've got some very, very solid recipes planned. Like Momo's, Mad Mullet will move into an existing restaurant, transforming it into a nano-brewpub. Mad Mullet will add further spatial balance to Tallahassee's craft beer scene by adding a brewery to the east-side. We're really good friends with the MM team (notice a trend here?), and will be front & center for their first, long-awaited commercial release!
  2. GrassLands Brewing Company - we haven't heard much about these yahoos other than that they're supposedly opening a brewery in the College-town/Downtown district. Personally, I'd take everything you hear about them with a grain of salt :D
  3. Canopy Roads Brewing Company - our good friends at CRB are about a year to two years behind us in development but are right up there in enthusiasm for Tallahassee. Of anyone here, I'd say this wacky & passionate group espouse the most love for Tally...and it shows with their growing fanbase. We've already collaborated with Canopy several times and we're really, really stoked to watch them develop into a commercial brewery soon!

Not too bad, eh? In the next two years, Tallahassee's craft brewing scene will literally double. For a town of less than 200,000 that's pretty dang awesome! Considering this: with Fermentation's current location, Proof's soon-to-be finished brewing expansion into the historic Railroad Square district and GrassLands' future operation, there will be three commercial breweries/pubs within a mile radius of one another. #HELLOASHEVILLE! Can you say brewery-crawl?

And honestly, these are only the ones we're currently aware of - there could certainly be more that are in planning, but we just haven't heard about 'em yet. If you know about more, leave a comment below so we can get to know them too!

See why we're psyched about the future of Tallahassee? One of the main reasons we decided on launching in this community was due to our desire to help transform Florida's capital into a craft beer destination. Seems like everyone "has" to go to Tallahassee eventually...why not make a place they'd enjoy coming to, revisiting and potentially relocating? We're not even touching on everything that's planned for the next 5 years either...that's for another day, but it's just as easy to get excited about! Add in the fact that two Brass Taps are being built and rumors of a World of Beer on the horizon - in addition to all the bars/restaurants in town, things are looking up.

With that, we'll leave you to it for now. Have an awesome (hopefully sunny) weekend, my dear readers, because you most definitely deserve it!