A week in the life...

Do we ever sleep? So...I know we constantly say we're busy, but what does that really mean? How about this: why don't we take you through a week in the life of GrassLands' executive team in planning out this sucker? Let's roll through what the last week was like for Gabe, Saralyn & Scott (& Andrew) :D - FYI, our days begin at 5 am and often don't end till nearly midnight! It'll be interesting to see the difference between what these weeks look like now vs. after GrassLands Brewing Company launches! Oh, and before I get too far ahead of myself, make sure you check out our EVENTS! page to see where & when we're serving in & around the community! We got one coming up tomorrow evening!


  • Ingredient inventory - Holy hops, Batman!
  • Scheduling of brewing/cellaring activities
  • Team email follow-up on previous week, week ahead
  • Coordinate with conceptual design/architecture firm on Thursday meeting
  • Follow-up with weekend emails re: potential GrassLands employment requests
  • Gabe create Lacto/Brett yeast starters for upcoming batches


  • Begin penning thoughts for weekly article/newsletter
  • Gabe & Scott check-in with weekend event host, review logistics
  • Run through of Tommy's setup/breakdown procedures
  • Gabe meets with freelance reporter over lunch to discuss GrassLands and how it fits into Gaines Street revitalization efforts
  • Scott checks in on calendar of April serving activities
  • Gravity readings of beers to be served in April


  • Keg Big Cypress IPA #7
  • Keg Groundation Amber Rye #9
  • Dryhop Big Cypress IPA #8, Big Cypress Brett IPA #2
  • Review/Sign vendor agreement with upcoming venue
  • Clean used fermenters
  • Take keg inventory
  • Saralyn coordinates potential serving opportunities with FSU's Dedman School
  • Complete weekly article, schedule for posting
  • Scott/Andrew coordination with beers to be served Saturday evening


  • Set up system for early (Friday) brew of Big Bend Florida Weiss #2
  • Gabe coffee with local business owners
  • Scott coordinates for building walk-thru Friday AM
  • Gabe coordination with equipment fabricators, business owners, engineering & architecture firms
  • Saralyn preparation for team meeting Thursday evening with CPA, tax discussion
  • Gabe & Saralyn meet with architecture firm - go over next steps on layout planning
  • Team meets with CPA, discusses investment, long-term strategy planning, business structure, etc.
  • Team coordination on weekend events (Gabe & Saralyn in Orlando, Scott & Andrew in Tallahassee)


  • Gabe Early AM brewing session: Big Bend Florida Weiss #2
  • Scott picks up Tommy the Treasure Chest, kegs of East Coast Common & Rye Saison, accouterments for serving Saturday evening
  • Gabe & Saralyn travel to Orlando
  • Scott provides building tour, discussion afterwards
  • Publishing of article/newsletter...followed by trouble-shooting of article posting
  • Gabe follow-up with GrassHopper Members, coordination of next week's activities
  • Scott provides in-person local cultivation of GrassLands
  • Gabe & Saralyn provide in-person external cultivation of GrassLands


  • Ensure keg carbonation is up to snuff
  • Scott/Andrew prep for event at Ability 1st Tallahassee - at Theatre Tallahassee
  • Gabe & Saralyn continue in-person external cultivation of GrassLands
  • Gabe follows up with Scott/Andrew re: event progress, setup, etc.
  • Event open/close
  • Team follow-up discussion, next steps
  • Purchase of ingredients, equipment needed for April/May


  • Gabe & Saralyn return to Tallahassee
  • Revisit event with Scott & Andrew, return kegs/serving equipment
  • Follow-up with weekend emails
  • Team planning for week ahead, scheduling of events and activities
  • Team planning re: building layout, steps ahead, homework
  • Coordination with building owner re: construction planning
  • Team discussion on party planning, apparel design

WHEW! That's a busy week, no? If it doesn't seem like it, keep in mind that we all work full-time jobs during the day, save for Sat/Sun. 8-10 hour workdays compound the work we do on GrassLands during the early mornings, evenings and weekend. We're tired, but we couldn't be more excited about what all this work is leading toward. (Scott can barely contain himself sometimes) So what'd you think about our week? I expect that we'll be slightly busier come August! If we aren't, I'll be extremely disappointed. Is that a form of masochism or something?

Anyways, while we gladly look forward to being busier in the weeks and months ahead, we all wish you an awesome weekend, our dear readers, because you most definitely deserve it!