We. Have. Our. Building.

It's official - GrassLands Brewing Company is freakin' leased up!

GrassLands will call 603 West Gaines Street, #5, Tallahassee, FL its future home!

This has been a long, long, lonnnnnnnng time coming - and we couldn't be more excited! As of Friday evening last week, President Gabe, Vice President Scott and General Manager Saralyn all sat down with building owner Dean Minardi and put pen to paper to make GrassLands the first official tenant at 603 West Gaines Street, Tallahassee, FL 32304! No joke, we've got the pics to prove it! :D

Pres. Gabe making things official

Here are the details on the 603 West Gaines Street location:

  • We're going to initially occupy 5,000 square feet of brewing/taproom space, with room for expansion in the (not so distant) future.
  • We'll be one of several tenants, but most likely the first tenant to open its doors. The actual remodeling of 603 West Gaines is a project called: Garages on Gaines - so stay tuned for some cool stuff in the works!

VP Scott making things official

  • There will be plenty of outdoor space and indoor taproom space...so don't worry about stretching your legs!
  • We're on pace for a mid-summer launch of our taproom...so keep your ears to the ground for soft openings and a grand opening launch party!
  • There will be plenty of parking.
  • There's gonna be a ton of construction at the location happening over the next several weeks and months - so it'll be fun watching this puppy grow up!

Gabe, Dean & Scott

  • We're planning on having two functional silos on the premises - one in the rear of the building (grain), and one in the front designed to be a water barrel distribution system for the entire Garages on Gaines location.
  • Dean has plans to infuse some really, really cool environmentally-friendly aspects into the building and its features. Can't go into it just yet as things aren't set in stone, but trust me - there's a definite match between this initiative and GrassLands' mission & philosophy!

If you were following along on any of our social networking platforms this week, you saw that we were having wayyy too much fun putting out "clues" prior to the ultimate reveal in today's post. Some Tallahassee residents definitely got it right away, some weren't quite so sure right up until the very end...and some were totally clueless! We were so stoked to tell you all, but wanted to wait until Friday to do it! Imagine our anticipation!

Were you able to put the puzzle pieces together?

We'll be issuing a press-release about our plans next week as well. There are a ton of very, very cool things going on with the location that fit right into the "Garages on Gaines" theme, as well as the overall look, feel & experience Tallahassee is hoping for in the Gaines Street district. When it's all said & done, we'll be right in the heart of an extremely vibrant, walker-friendly community. I have to pinch myself sometimes...Is this real life?

This has been an initiative long in the making...and we've got a number of people to thank for helping it to come to fruition.

  1. Dean Minardi - Dean (or as many Tallahasseans know him: "Deano") is the building owner and we couldn't have asked for a better fit between what we wanted to accomplish and what he wanted to do. He's investing into the building as a whole and it'll be because of him that it turns into something extremely cool in the not-too-distant future.
  2. Jake Kiker - Jake is GrassLands' attorney and he's been with us every step of the way on this. We were able to get everything together in such a short period of time...agreeing on nearly everything from the outset - mainly because of Jake's attention to detail and passion for our business and its success.
  3. Fred Tedio - Fred is perhaps the nicest person we've ever met. Fred and his wife Beth are the owners of Uptown Cafe & Catering (corner of Miccosukee and Magnolia) and along with their family, they run one of the best breakfast/lunch places in town. Fred has been in our corner from the very start, and it was him that first suggested we get in touch with Dean about his space.
  4. The GrassLands team - Scott and Saralyn have been so awesome...I really couldn't have asked for a better mix of people with a common focus on making this thing a reality. Their patience with me and this process has been amazing.

I expect that by the close of business on Friday, news will be spreadin' around town about our location (did you see the sign?). More information and graphics will be coming very, very soon...so keep your eyes peeled! We told you February was going to result in some major developments for GrassLands!

Now things seem like they're in a higher gear! We've got a busy 4-5 months ahead...as things solidify, you'll be the first to know. We'll have a building-project page that we'll update with mixed media as often as things change (which will be quite often)!

So with that, have a freakin' blast of a weekend, my dear readers, because you most definitely deserve it! We're on our way down to Tampa to celebrate Hunahpu's Day again! Stoked to see a bunch of brewing friends now gone pro and make some new friends in the process! See you next week!


PS: Gotta leave you with a great image!

Freakin' WOOOOOOOT!!!!