Srsly, it's Series Time!

Okay, forgive us as we're kinda excited. Last week, we told you about GrassLands Brewing Company's future sour program, called the Wild Things Series. Well, that's really just one of four separate series that'll be highlighting a number of thematic elements that makes our brewery tick. They are as follows: the Open Field Series, the Terra Series, and the Stick Series. What do each represent? Let's get to it! 

The Open Field Series

When you're trudging through a wild terrain and come across a clearing in the path, everything becomes visible. Think about the grassy plains that numerous species of animals migrate toward throughout the planet. GrassLands' Open Field Series will be highlighted by our flagship ale(s) and beers we make on a regular basis. Our Amber Rye, IPA, Rye Saison, Imperial Amber & Coffee Stout recipes lead the way toward the Open Field. These ales represent a combination of quality, consistency and innovation. Expect these to be regularly offered at our taproom and throughout our market(s).

The Terra Series

When our company slogan is Earth First Ales, that means we're serious about environmental sustainability and conservation & support of animal habitats. We're not stereotypical about it, but it's part of our philosophy. The word "Terra" is Latin for Earth. The Terra Series will be highlighted by our seasonal offerings, all of which have some special, natural adjuncts added in to complement flavors & well as provide you with something different. Whenever possible, we'll locally source these extra ingredients. We're talking about things like Muscadine/Scuppernog wine grapes, Florida-grown citrus fruit, coriander & various other spices. That's just the tip o' the iceberg folks.

The Stick Series

You can't have a sour program without having a barrel-aging program. The Stick Series is a major component of GrassLands' desire for innovation & quality. Our high-gravity beers aged in barrels will be a fixture in this series...led by the big gun: Black Rose Immortal Imperial Stout. Our barrels will range in style, from bourbon to scotch to wine. We'll age 'em so you can enjoy 'em. 

Psyched up yet? We certainly are! One of our primary goals is to implement and maintain a high level of innovation - for which every one of our series will match. How can you not be excited about that?

Oh yeah - things are also coming along swimmingly toward our anticipated opening. Tons of tangible things on the horizon! February is gonna be a watershed month for GrassLands - we know it :D

With that, we'll leave you to it for now. Have an absolutely awesome weekend, my dear readers, because you most definitely deserve it!