Sour Thoughts, 2.0

I know what you're thinking - uggh...why would we lead in with such a disgusting headline image? Stay with me, dear readers. The beer above no doubt turned into something incredible months and months and months down the road. It's really ironic, how nasty something can look while at the same time it turns into something amazing.

A while back, we posted a few of our own pics of some aged Red Hills Belgian Strong that really turned into something different. The start, though, looked something like the picture above - totally undrinkable. However, that's just part of the life cycle of a sour. Lots of times, we're not given the opportunity to view that process as sours are aged in wooden barrels or opaque fermenters. That's probably a good thing. :D

Since that time, GrassLands Brewing Company has produced eight more sour pilots that have aged anywhere from 4 weeks to 18 months. Currently in the pipeline, we've got two wild stouts and a flemish red that'll get some satellite fermenter treatment down the line. And by "down the line," I'm really just saying that sours tell you when they're ready, not the other way around. That's the beauty of such a system - you can't force a sour to be ready before it's ready. Same thing goes for husbands trying to hurry their wives along before the lovely ladies have finished getting lovely. :P

It's not really an announcement but more of a continuation of anticipation: GrassLands will have a significant sour program: The Wild Things Series. Oooh, I get goosebumps just thinking about it. If anyone has ever had the opportunity to taste some of the limited sour releases from Cascade Brewing, Russian River, New Belgium and/or Cantillon, you know what I'm talking about. One of the things I greatly appreciate about the sour segment of the craft industry is the range of flavors that can be imparted. Much like the greater craft approach, there are simply no two sours alike, and no limit to the depths of their complexity.

The Wild Things Series is going to start as soon as we get our license. Hell, our pilot sours will likely finish up long after we get permission from Uncle Sam to brew professionally, but that just adds to the fun. It'll be limited production, for sure, to start out, but our focus will be on extreme innovation and extreme quality of product. Sours may not be for everyone and as such, we won't be as sour-forward as Cascade or Cantillon, but our goal is to make our presence felt in the US sour market and to work with other FL-based breweries (looking at you JWB, Cigar City, Funky Buddha & Proof) to make the Sunshine State something really, really special going forward.

So pucker up, Tallahassee! The Wild Things are coming! We hope you're as excited about it as we are!

With that, we'll leave you to it for now. Warmer weather on the way, Tallahasseans! Have an absolute blast of a weekend, my dear readers, because you most definitely deserve it!