Closing out 2013 with an Introduction!

Howdy, My dear readers! As we inch nearer nearer toward our 2014 launch goal, I'm excited to bring you the first of several introductory articles from the GrassLands team! With the last article posted for 2013, we introduce Scott Hall, Vice President of Operations at GrassLands! Happy Reading everyone and here's to an awesome 2014!

As the calendar brings us closer and closer to 2014, Tallahassee is well on its way to becoming a vibrant beer city. Let’s roll the clock back a few years and see how far we've come…

Style, in the flesh.

My name is Scott Hall and, way back in 2008, I was part of the team that created Fermentation Lounge. The beer list was, at that time, unheard of for Tallahassee. When I placed the initial order full of what was then such exotic fare as Dogfish Head and Lagunitas and had no macro brewed light beers coming on tap, I was laughed at by the beer distributors. we weren't told "no", just laughed at. The beer lovers of Tallahassee had a different response though, and you know how this story ends. Now Dogfish Head and Lagunitas can be found in Publix and craft beer is in demand all over town.

Aside from the beer, there was one other thing that I helped do at Fermentation for which I am particularly proud: I helped make it accessible. I also tried hard to pull back the curtains and let our customers see how we operated. Why we did things like we did, how we chose our beer, and what qualities were special about each and everything we served. I was proud of our successes and owned up to our mistakes. What's the point of supporting something local if you can’t relate to it, or if you feel like you could find it in any other city?

I have followed the progress of GrassLands from very early on. The nascent brewery-to-be was devoted to making great beer without compromise, and also showing its supporters everything that goes on behind the scenes as a brewery begins to launch. I became hooked on reading each new update and following the progress along. When the time came for me to move on from Fermentation, I gave the ownership team (Gabe & Saralyn Grass) a call and inquired about joining the team.

I am excited about being here. Tallahassee is about to be home to several breweries, and I think 2014 will be as much of a tipping point for local beer as 2008 became to craft beer in general. Many people have yet to find out how amazing IPAs taste when they are only a few days old and what amazing tastes can emerge when a brewer has fun and experiments. More than that though, GrassLands Brewing Company is looking to be a big part of the community. We are going to use local ingredients and give spent grain to local farms. We hope to be a strong point in your social gatherings and places where you can take people from out of town who want a taste of something uniquely Tallahassee.

This a very, very good time to be a beer lover in Tallahassee and it is only going to get better.