Happy Freakin' Holidays!

So welcome to my final post of 2013! Mrs. GrassLands and I will be traveling a bunch over the holidays (Jacksonville & Orlando) - so there will be little time to get things done between today and the 31st - including brewing! We'll bottle/keg a few things this weekend, but no more brews of 2013. That means we closed out this awesome year brewing the same thing we started with in January: our flagship ale - the 7th and 8th pilot batches of GrassLands Brewing Company Groundation Amber Rye! But you guys are in for a treat - GrassLands' VP Scott Hall will be doing a guest post for the last article of 2013!

Anyways, after a fun trip to Atlanta to visit with family & friends - as well as spending a little time checking out the Georgia brewing scene - we're even more motivated to accomplish a ton in 2014, including opening this sucker! Expect a number of cool announcements right out the gate!

Staying in Atlanta makes us appreciative of the fact that Florida's craft brewing laws are structured in such a way that we can offer a cool, multifacted experience. Breweries in Georgia are allowed to be open for taproom service a limited amount of time per day (typical times are 5:30-7:30) and they are not allowed to serve pints at retail. The workaround is selling you a glass at your entry that includes a number of tickets that get you pours of beer. Seem odd? It is. We'll keep our post/neo-prohibitionist law opinions to ourselves for now, but just know - even with some of Florida's antiquated brewery laws, we're happy to be able to have the possibility of a functional, retail-based taproom with flexible hours of operation.

All that aside, we had a great time in the Peach State and had some awesome beers that we won't get in Florida for a while! As 2013 comes to a close, we cannot state enough how thankful we are of you, our dear readers - because of you, it's possible for us to accomplish our dream. You're the reason it'll become a reality. I say it over and over and over and over - but it's absolutely true. Without you, GrassLands is nada but a dream. That's something we'll never, ever forget - no matter where the winds take us!

With that, we want everyone to have an awesome close to a wonderful 2013! We're stoked about what's to come in 2014 - and so should you! Have a freakin' great holiday season with family & friends, our dear readers, because you definitely deserve it!


Prost & Happy Holidays from the GrassLands Brewing Company team

(Saralyn, Thomas, Gabe & Scott)!