Hotlanta Bound!!!

It's a rough life, posting beer articles at 6 am every Friday! In the above (pathetic) image, you can now see what GrassLands Brewing Company goes through when the week catches up with us and we've gotta get something out to you, our dear readers, as we have always promised to do!  Sometimes you just need a cup of good coffee in the AM (or a breakfast stout...more on that in a few).

Anyways, this past week has been nutty given that Mrs. GrassLands and I have been planning on a trip to the Atlanta & North Georgia (Ellijay) region this coming weekend to visit with family & friends for the holidays. Between work, brewing, cellaring and preparing to leave (with presents fully wrapped and in-hand), I have to apologize this article took a back-seat. It happens from time to time, but I always get a kick out of writing these suckers, no matter the situation.

We're psyched to be in the Atlanta region next week (Monday thru Wednesday) as we'll get the first opportunity to check out the new digs of our friends at Monday Night Brewing Company - who apparently have an absolutely stunning building in the Atlantic Station area of downtown Atlanta. Anyways, we're lucking out as they're hosting a barrel-aged beer release party this coming Monday night. AWESOMESAUCE! We're also looking forward to seeing if another brewery startup (Eventide) is open for a chat.

Anyways, we're going brief today as a result of the hectic schedule. I did want to point out that we're really amped to be brewing a new recipe next week - the Catalina Coffee Cream Stout! This is a great opportunity to highlight local Tallahassee business, and Catalina Cafe is totally awesome. we're doubly amped to partner with such a cool coffee company! Details forthcoming, but just know that this stout is gonna be baller!

With that, and I apologize for the brevity, I'll leave you to it for the weekend. Have an awesome Saturday & Sunday, my dear readers, because you most definitely deserve it!!!