Party Time!

Color me and Mrs. GrassLands stoked to host, for the 3rd year in a row, the NFBL Annual Winter Party! I didn't list it in last week's Thanksgiving post, but this business also wouldn't be a reality without the help, insight and support of our local homebrew club - the North Florida Brewers League. I've advocated on behalf of anyone joining their local homebrewing club in the past - mainly because they're just a bunch of funloving people who share a passion for craft beer. Most notably, homebrewing clubs are great because they serve as a resource for anyone interested in beer. The NFBL, in particular, ranges in club member brewing experience (from the extreme beginner who's planning their first brew to the extreme vet who's running a brewpub in town) - yet somehow makes it easygoing enough so that nobody feels intimidated.

Our party last year saw two kegs of SwampHead Midnight Oil and Sierra Nevada Torpedo...and this year's party will compete nicely with commercial kegs of Cigar City Jai Alai and LeftHand's Milk numerous bombers of awesome commercial whales and homebrewed beers left & right. This party is always a blast and we're always happy to host it. We'll have our sour Belgian Strong on tap to add to the mix as well...see why it's great to be a member of a brew club? :D

Additionally, this provides a great opportunity to highlight one of the club's most recent efforts: the Big Bend Brew Off! After almost a decade hiatus, the NFBL will be breathing new life into it's statewide brewing competition. Gabe & Mrs. GrassLands are on the competition committee and things are shaping up for a great event coming the 3rd week in January 2014! Competitions are awesome venues for people with high appreciation for good craft beer to gather, review homebrewers' beer submissions, and get a taste of Tallahassee. I sincerely wish that GrassLands was up & running by that time so we could play a part in representing Tallahassee, but there'll always be 2015. By then, we should be firing on all cylinders!

Oh yeah, if you didn't get a chance, please check out Gabe's Google+ Hangout with the awesome guys at Southern Beer Review that happened this week. (starts out a little choppy at first, but Gabe's broadcast gets better :)).

With that, I'll leave you to it for now. Have an absolutely awesome weekend my dear readers, because you most definitely deserve it!