Thinking of you

We wouldn't be here without you.

No, really. Without you, GrassLands Brewing Company is nothing more than an obsession...a dream. Because of you, that dream has taken hold and begun to turn into a reality. Your support, encouragement, enthusiasm and excitement have made the concept of GrassLands "real." For that, and for everything that occurs in the next few months, we are extremely grateful. Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect and give thanks to what has been made possible for this humble brewer.

With that said, here's our laundry list of Thanks for the awesome year that was 2013!

1. You - my dear readers...and that's obvious!

2. The City of Tallahassee & Leon County - specifically several groups and individuals that have helped spread the word about GrassLands and helped us connect with local movers & shakers. I'm looking at you Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development Council, Domi Ventures, Steve Evans, Larry Lynch, Kevin McAlpine, Dean Minardi, Park Broome, Sue Dick, French Brown, Gus Ray, Matt & Jackie Johnson, Darryl Green, Nate DiMura, Fred & Beth Tedio & Matt Thompson. Absolutely stunning local support.

3. Our GrassHopper Review Club - without their support, our beers, which will be launched very, very soon, wouldn't be as solid as they've become.

4. Our Triple B's (Beer Blogger Buddies) - I'm looking at you, Brian (Beer Apostle), Stephen (Tallahassee Craft Beer), Mike (Floribrew), Alan (Suwannee Refugee), Regina (Jax Brew Bitch), Andrew (Blue in your Back Alley View), Brendan (FloridaBarTab) & Wind & Redbeard (Knittles & Beer). Awesome & extremely helpful people.

5. Our local brewery in-planning friends - this includes Reed & Co. at Mad Mullet Brewing & George, Ben & Jon at Canopy Roads Brewing. Huge things in the works for Tallahassee!

6. Fermentation Lounge - this awesome craft bar and its owners have been nothing short of stellar in their support for GrassLands' eventual entrance into the craft beer industry. Robert, Jamie & Dan are truly genuine people that run a great organization!

7. GrassLands' family - keeping the faith in launching your first business is a challenge. Without their support this might've just remained an idea. Looking at you, Karen & Jeff, Ronnie & Debbie, Bruce, Mike & Erin, and Elliot & Paulina.

8. The GrassLands Team - I fully believe we're going to be firing on all cylinders when this thing finally gets going. I absolutely couldn't make it possible without the involvement of our brewing & executive team - Corey (Co-Brewer), Thomas (Co-Head Brewer), Jake (Legal Expert), Scott (Vice President) and last, but certainly not least, our GM...

9. ...and my better half & rock: Saralyn - She is GrassLands' primary stakeholder and without her involvement, it absolutely wouldn't and couldn't be a possibility. I love you sweetheart - look how far we've taken this! And we're just getting started!

So that'll do it for this week. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with family & friends, my dear readers, because you most definitely deserve it! Thank you all so much!