Well, that was a short break

Weren't we were supposed to chill out for a little bit after we brewed pilot batch after pilot batch after pilot batch to satisfy the masses that were in attendance for the five events we hosted in an eight-day time-span? Well, I guess someone didn't quite get the memo (hint: it's me), and we're back at it again this week! No rest for the weary, eh? Not when there's a brewery to open in the next six months!

As we draw nearer & nearer to our (rapidly approaching) expected launch date in April 2014, we are happy to announce that we're on the precipice for a location. Just a few more details to be worked out, agreed upon and ultimately signed by both parties. We're really, really psyched  about this place and being nearly 99% of the way there isn't satiating this entrepreneur. But our proximity to occupying a location of our choosing is exciting, especially considering where this sucker resides :D. More on that as it solidifies!

But honestly, it's back to brewin' at GrassLands' headquarters. Pilot batches are in order for every single year-round selection with which we expect to roll out upon the launch of brewing operations. We've got a specific purpose in mind for a private event to celebrate a few milestones we will have accomplished by that time. That means we'll have all five of GrassLands' base recipes, plus one experimental recipe collaboratively brewed by our entire team. Tommy the Treasure Chest will be at full capacity come that time! Stay tuned for more information as we're going to have a blast on this (semi)private event.

We're also brewing for a few businesses friends with which we've become close during our entrepreneurial journey...first of which being Gandy Printers. Definitely check this awesome, local & family-owned & operated business that's been in our corner since the get-go. We've got some really cool things in store and Gandy is going to be an integral piece in making those things happen!

Well, that's about it for now. I expect we won't have a slowdown of any significance between now & launch time...but I can dig it. That means we're doing what we're doing and making progress toward GrassLands becoming a reality, as opposed to this intangible thing that it's been since 2010. Time to make it real!

With that said, have an absolutely awesome weekend, my dear readers, because you most definitely deserve it! Lots more in store and we're psyched to have you all on board!