Crikey...that was a crazy week

Tommy definitely made some friends this week! Whew, that was fun! Tiring, certainly - but definitely fun. I feel like we're in the middle of an all-out onslaught of pushing GrassLands Brewing Company beer out to the greater Tallahassee community - and we're still working out the details for an actual location! Right now, serving at events is our lifeblood. We really, really love it! Also, we're really psyched to introduce Tommy the Treasure Chest (featured above) - our beer serving box. :D

Just to recap - 5:8. That's the ratio of events to days in which we participated last week. That's a lot. For a brewery in-planning? That's a freakin' ton! Seriously, I was joking with brewing buddy Tyler T. of Broken Cog Ales that it's been almost forever since we brewed a batch of beer for ourselves! When you average about two and a half kegs per event, we just ran through a LOT of beer. Good beer, in our humble opinion! Here's how it all looked from the 10,000 foot level:

  1. GBC_TeamMadison Social Event #1 (Tuesday, 11/5): The GrassLands' executive team (Gabe, Scott & Saralyn) happily served GrassLands' Amber Rye and Rye Saison to the Tallahassee chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association. We met some really, really cool people that've helped make Tallahassee the successful business entity it's become - what it's continuing to become!
  2. DomiDomi Ventures Incubator Soft Launch Mixer (Friday, 11/8): GrassLands' executive team has befriended the four founders of Domi Ventures, a unique small business incubation company and Scott & Gabe were very happy to serve our Funky Rye Saison to a bunch of entrepreneurship-focused attendees to Domi's soft-launch of their incubation space...which was awarded to them by Leon County! Congrats, fellas! 
  3. GBC_Team2.jpgBrewfest Tallahassee 2013 (Saturday, 11/9): Amazingly, we had four beers to serve at this year's Brewfest Tallahassee event - which, in our opinion, was the best yet! Gabe, Scott, Saralyn and Thomas served up our Berliner Weisse, our Muscadine Berliner Weisse, a collaboration Red Rye IPA brewed with our friends at Canopy Roads Brewing Company, and a wacky Smoked Peach & Curry Hefeweizen brewed by Thomas - voted by FSView as one of their top three favorites of the evening!
  4. GBC_AKPsiMadison Social Event #2 (Tuesday, 11/12): We headed back to Madison Social to interact with some really, really bright college students that were members of AKPsi, Florida State's business fraternity. We happily served them some of our collaboration Imperial IPA that we brewed with our friends at Mad Mullet Brewing Company while holding a Q&A session about starting our own business and our journey through this whole process. If their passion is any indicator, Florida is going to see some innovative business men &women come into the field over the next several years!
  5. GBC_FermThe Biggie - Fermentation Lounge/GrassLands Collabetition Release Party (Wednesday, 11/13): This is one date on the calendar that's been circled for some time now. Gabe & Scott were ecstatic to participate in the collaboration release of a full barrel (31 US gallons) of our rye saison brewed with Robert C. and Jamie H. of Fermentation Lounge. 10 gallons were treated with lemon zest, lemon juice, white peppercorn & toasted oats, while the remaining 21 gallons were left as is. We were stoked to see so many people come out!

It's hard to believe that we're actually functioning somewhat normally after that crazy week. But as I mentioned before, events and weeks like this past one are imperative to a craft brewery slated to enter the industry within a half year. It's what makes us tick. We are so excited about the next several months that we can barely stand it! Definitely keep a lookout for numerous awesome announcements to come!

With that, we'll leave you to it for now. Hopefully we can get some relaxation in sometime this weekend, eh? For you, my dear readers, have an absolute blast - because you most definitely deserve it! Thanks again for making our past week the best in our short existence! Many, many more like it to come!