All Brewfest, All the Time

Awesome Sauce Ooooh, it's an understatement to say that we're slightly excited about the next few days. As many of you know, this will be the 3rd year in a row we've participated in Brewfest Tallahassee! In our humble opinion, this is gonna be be the best year yet! As usual, we'll be in the VIP section alongside our local brewing brethren. Some familiar faces, some brand new ones! I will say this though: the Local Brews component of this year's VIP will be offering some of the most innovative & high quality beers I've seen in a long time. Really, really cool stuff from our group!

Specifically, we'll be serving our Big Bend Berliner Weisse - a sour, low gravity but complex wheat ale, our Big Bend Muscadine Berliner Weisse - the same as the regular version, just with juiced muscadine grapes infused! Sweet & Sour! Also we'll be serving up a collaboration red rye IPA we brewed with our buddies at Canopy Roads Brewing (Tallahassee's third brewery in-planning, behind us and Mad Mullet Brewing). This IPA will have a touch of amber and a ton of complexity. Ours will be dry-hopped with American hops and theirs with New Zealand  hops - pretty sweet! Finally, our last beer, brewed by future GrassLands teammate Thomas C., a smoked peach & coconut curry hefeweizen. Wow.

Our local brewing partners will be offering up a bunch of interesting beers - ranging from a Belgian pumpkin dubbel to a vanilla & bourbon porter to a bourbon black IPA! See why we're getting excited? The general admission area isn't going to be too shabby either, as both Tri-Eagle Sales (AB-InBev) and Brown Distribution are going to be hauling in some really, really good craft commercial offerings. Attendees shouldn't be disappointed!

If you're attending and have a VIP ticket, definitely stop by our station and say hello. I've said it since the beginning, one of our top priorities is keeping up a high level of interaction with current and future patrons, friends & supporters. We want to know who you are and we want to get you our beer!


With that said, I'd be remiss if I didn't issue another reminder about perhaps the most significant GrassLands event to-date: the Haus Bier Collabetition Special Release at Fermentation Lounge! Remember when I couldn't shut up about brewing our beer on a commercial system, ultimately to have it released in November? Well, the release is nearly upon us! This coming Wednesday, November 13th, a full barrel (31 gallons) of GrassLands' Rye Saison will be released at Fermentation Lounge. Our team and the Fermentation Brew Team will be on hand to pour, chat & be merry! We really can't thank Fermentation, specifically our good friend Robert C. (their head brewer) more for giving us the opportunity to have our beer and brewery to be highlighted in such a manner. We hope to repay the favor multiple times over!

So please, definitely check out the beer release Event Page and do your best to come - we wanna see you there!

Okay, we'll leave you to it for the weekend. Enjoy the holiday and stay safe - while also remembering why most of us have Monday off work. As a family member of and friend to multiple active duty military personnel and military veterans, we're all too familiar with the sacrifices they've made for our country. Tell your military/veteran friend thank you (and maybe buy them an awesome craft beer) the next time you see them!

Now...have an absolutely awesome weekend, my dear readers, because you most definitely deserve it!