100th Post!

100th Holy Schnikes! 100 posts? That's freakin' mind-boggling! When I take a look back at everything I've written in the past 2+ years, it's amazing to see how far we've come...how much knowledge and insight we've absorbed...how much more prepared we feel now than a month ago; 6 months ago - a year even! This train's a rollin' - and we're rollin' with it!

So rather than take a stroll down GrassLands' own memory lane, let's take a look forward, shall we? As you know from our update last week, we're flush with events in November. I expect that we'll be averaging at least 2-3 events each month until we launch. We're really, REALLY close to letting everyone know where we're going to be officially operating...something that has been in development and planning for a long, long time. For that, we're super soaked stoked! I always tell people, the first two questions we get asked when talking about the brewery is

  1. Where are you (or will you be) located?
  2. When will you be open?

It's been slightly frustrating to tell people that we'll be located somewhere in Tallahassee and hopefully open during Q2 in 2014. But as I've said before, we're going about this as methodically as possible - doing things right and planning accordingly. Regardless, it's nice to be able to (almost) convey our location to folks :D

Also, in looking back I noticed that we had hoped we'd have an apparel line set up by now. We're getting closer there too - not just yet, but with a little professional assistance on our branding, the circle is closing rapidly. Once we're there, expect the apparel line to arrive with a reboot of this website. I love what we've had for the past 2-3 years, but a new look/feel is necessary.

More than anything, it's been really, really awesome to get to know you, my dear readers. We've said from the get-go that one of our primary goals is to stay as interactive as possible with our current and future fans, friends & supporters. You're making this all possible...all real for us - and we want to reward you with an awesome and innovative business - one where you feel proud to say that you supported from the beginning. The journey isn't over yet; not even close. But we're proud to have had you on board for this long and for the many fun days ahead!

With that, we'll let you enjoy your weekend, my dear readers - because you most definitely deserve it! And can you believe it? One whole post-Halloween article without a "Hoppy Halloween" reference! - ahhh, blast! We came that close! Oh well, there's always next year.