Holy Events, Batman!

Briefly written again today - nothing too important really - just GrassLands Brewing Company's event line-up for the next couple of weeks!!! Aren't you lucky? :D

November 6th

Madison Social Tasting Session #1 with The Florida Public Relations Association group in attendance - we're serving two of our beers for sampling!

November 9th

BREWFEST TALLAHASSEE!! Starts at 4 (for the VIP ticket holders) and ends at 9. We'll be serving alongside two other awesome breweries in-planning (Mad Mullet Brewing Company and Canopy Roads Brewing Company) as well as five other awesome homebreweries (Broken Cog, Beerd, Hammerhead, Pimlico, TNT, & TDO) - should be a freakin' blast! But be sure to get your VIP tickets - you can't taste any of our beers without them...and they go fast!

November 12th

Madison Social Tasting Session #2 with the Tallahassee Greek Life association - again, serving two of our beers for sampling to many of Florida's up & comers!

November 13th

Fermentation Lounge/GrassLands Brewing Company Saison Release Party! More to come on this awesome event - but you're invited! We can't freakin' wait to have our beer poured at such an awesome craft venue! So stoked!

Whew! And that's just the next couple of weeks! What'll December have to bring? Stay tuned for sure!

Now it's time for me and Saralyn to head down to one of our favorite spots in the world - Disney's Epcot!!! Yeah, it's cheesy, but it's a long-time favorite of ours. Plus the Food & Wine Festival calls our name, and we must answer that call! It's a big-time goal of ours to eventually have our beer offered at Epcot...and not only during that event!

With that, have a freakin' blasty of a weekend, my dear readers, because you most definitely deserve it!