In the Collaborative Spirit!

GG_RC_Ferm We're really, really brief with this week's post - but all things good! As you might be able to tell from the above photo (or maybe you can't), but GrassLands and Fermentation Lounge officially brewed a barrel (31 US gallons) of our Ryezin Sun Saison - to be released at Fermentation via a fun event in mid-November! I can't tell you how stoked we are to get ANYONE who attends this event (and don't worry - we'll let you know the actual date as it gets closer) a taste of our beer after it's been brewed on a commercial system!


The brewday went fairly seamlessly, save for me losing my car keys and pump issues here & there, and now we play the waiting game! We've given ourselves enough time for the saison to fully ferment and do its magic - and there should be some fun things we'll be doing when we release the beer onsite in November. For one thing, you'll get a chance to meet both the awesome brew team for Fermentation Lounge as well as the whole GrassLands Brewing Company management team! AwesomeSauce!


This is also in addition to collaboration brews we've done with two other breweries in-planning in Tallahassee: Mad Mullet Brewing Company (an über-hopped up Imperial IPA) and Canopy Roads Brewing Company (a mystery IPA to be released at Brewfest Tallahassee on November 9th)! I say it all the time, but Tallahassee is really on the precipice with regard to being a craft beer-centric town. The sense of collaboration is high, and there's only one commercial brewery in operation (we're coming with a quickness, Proof, let's do somethin' together!)

The collaborative spirit isn't limited to Tallahassee - we've made a bunch of friends throughout the region and once we get going, it'll be tough to keep up! We're totally psyched about all the opportunity in front of us! Stay tuned!

We'll leave you to it for now...I know it's a busy weekend for everyone, us included! Have an absolute blast of a Saturday & Sunday, my dear readers, because you most definitely deserve it!