Time for a brief status update


With all the education we've been pushing out over the past four weeks, we've neglected to give you all a general status update as to where we are in our process. Dang, I need a timeline on the homepage! 


GrassLands Brewing Company is beginning to see a bit of a buzz coming on the local scene about our inevitable arrival into the Tallahassee business arena...something we expect to grow in intensity toward the close of 2013. Our involvement in the local Economic Development Council and the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce is beginning to really increase our exposure as an upcoming business - and a unique one at that! To the left is an example of the increasing exposure we're receiving: we were highlighted as rising entrepreneurs in the community and got to participate in a three-person panel of business owners discussing entrepreneurship and how our respective businesses impact the local community! Awesome sauce!

Originally, we had hoped to get at least our taproom up & running by Jan 1, 2014, but the more realistic approach is sometime in spring, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. As I've said over & over & over (What's the definition of ad nauseum, anyways?), we're perfectionists - we won't simply jump in and hope for the best - we want to have everything we possibly can lined up & ready to roll before we open our doors.

So what does that mean? That means we need a location - so now that we're officially in the capital-building phase of GrassLands (an exciting time to say the least!) - we're beginning to seriously consider areas in town where we feel the brewery could be welcomed, accessible and subsequently...successful. We've discussed the importance of a location previously, but we cannot stress that the space has to be right for the present and right for the future. The last thing we want to do is compromise and go in to a location where we can barely breathe, just for the sake of saving time and a few bucks on price per square foot...only to have to get up & move shop in a couple years! We think we're close, so we'll see how everything goes in the next month or so!

Did I mention we're in the capital-building phase? We are! What's that mean, really? Well, what it means is that we're building relationships with people who a) have expressed interest in getting involved in GrassLands' future, b) we think would be a good fit to be involved, and c) represent organizations that could be beneficial to GrassLands' bottom line. More 60-80 hour work weeks to commence! But really, it's all in the best interest of GrassLands - with which we've fully embraced as our future. :D

Last update: Events. We're ramping up our pilot batch brewing...enough so that we can provide beer at tasting events at GrassLands HQ, brew collaboration beers with professional brewers ultimately being released at their respective locations, you already know about our continued involvement with BrewFest Tallahassee, and finally - something really cool - guest bar-tending and serving our beer as samples at venues throughout town! We couldn't be more humbled and excited at the same time! Get ready to access our beer that much more, Tallahassee! 

Okay, was that brief enough? TL;DRDang, I'll never get the hang of keeping it brief when I'm saying I'm keeping it brief. Oh well.

We're off to a busy weekend - so please enjoy yours, my dear readers, because you most definitely deserve an awesome weekend. And...do we detect a slight chill or a refreshing breeze in the air? Could be a freakin' blast of a weekend - which it always is when there's brewin' to be done!