Celebrating You

With the successful Green Lion Festival weekend behind us, we're continuously stoked to be doing what we're doing. One of the primary reasons? You. Yup - you. You, my dear readers, are what's keeping us going forward, what's keeping us motivated, what's making the difference in this thing really happening. Since we started, I've tried to communicate as much as I can just how much YOU mean to this operation.


Take, for example, the GrassHoppers. By my count, we've sent out over 60 lottery samples in 2013 alone to opted-in reviewers. I've not done as good a job as I could highlighting their side of the bargain (which is a brutally honest review), but that'll change. 60 samples - that's cray when you think about it! Broken down, that's 5 different styles of beer that I've been sending out. That's 12 different perspectives per batch of beer that we're going to be pushing out in the future. R&D! I cannot state how important their feedback  is to the overall finished product when we roll these beers out in 2014. The beer is constantly improving  and I'm über-thankful for their willingness to participate in such a fashion.

Then, there's our supporters - the people that work on our behalf without us even asking - merely in an attempt to help us reach that next step...to open sooner rather than later. GrassLands' Champions - as I refer to them. There's really something about a grassroots-focused campaign to get a small business off the ground; made even cooler when it involves folks that are doing it out the kindness of their own heart. Many of these folks have been long-time GrassHoppers; and many of them don't even drink beer! Imagine that! We're so fortunate to be surrounded by these awesome individuals. People that offer us a slight discount on a product that'll help GrassLands broaden its reach or look snazzier...simply because we're a new business and new businesses make a difference in this economy. People that connect us to investors, to media outlets, to breweries, to other potential GrassHoppers. There's just so much that's going on behind the scenes that we aren't even a part of. GrassLands' Champions are doing it on their own because they care.

That's the passion that drives us. That's the passion that gives us the confidence that a (somewhat costly) venture like this will be successful. That's the passion that'll push GrassLands to the next level and keep it going after we launch. If we could give you all a collective hug, we would. But let's not get too sappy, okay? :D

Really, it goes without saying that GrassLands could not exist without you. Ultimately, you will make the difference in whether or not we need to purchase another 200-barrel fermenter (if only!), schedule a specialty beer release party, host a wedding reception, expand into a canning line, move GrassLands' beers throughout the state of Florida and eventually outside its borders. None of that can happen without you. That's what I'm trying to communicate today, because it means that much to us - and it will continue to do so for as long as GrassLands exists.

So without further ado, have a freakin' awesome weekend, my dear readers, because you freakin' deserve it. Shout-out to my brother, Elliot, who turned the dirty 30 yesterday! Shoot him a HBD when you get a minute!

Happy Freakin' Birthday, El!