All Green Lion, All the Time

You knew it was coming (or at least I hope you did). Tomorrow is the big day - GrassLands travels to Jacksonville's historic San Marco district to rub shoulders with some really cool businesses, like Aardwolf Brewery, Second Harvest, Sweet Grass Dairy, Grape & Grain Exchange, & the Jacksonville Zoo, all at the first annual Green Lion Festival! We can't express how psyched we are to get the chance to expose GrassLands to more folks, especially outside of Tallahassee. Here's what we're bringing:

  1. Our Flagship American amber rye ale. Malty, spicy, hoppy - brilliant!
  2. Big Cypress IPA #2. Keg hopped with Citra hops and ready to go! Live Hop Infusions too!
  3. Funky-Rye Saison #2. Funky, spicy, Belgian-y. Awesome!
  4. Sweet Grass Dairy/GrassLands Collaboration Tripel. Tons of Red Hills love went into this one!
  5. Mystery beer #1. Want to find out what this one is? You've gotta come out! I'm looking at you, Jacksonville GrassHoppers! I'll wait till the first four run out, but if you're one of my dear readers and you get to our booth tomorrow, say this: "I'm a GrassHopper!!! - and I'll make sure you get a pre-sample! Cool? :)

Ooooh, this is gonna be fun! Brew buddy Paul H. will be serving our suds alongside me, as per usual. We'll take pictures and we hope people take pics of expect some social media being thrown your way! We're also so excited & honored that Sweet Grass Dairy is willing to pair their cheeses with our beers. What else could you ask for? Srsly can't wait. Also, I can't wait to simply try some of Aardwolf's beers - heard nothing but great things!

GrassHopper Glen W. first approached us about the idea of Green Lion several months ago and I gotta be honest, I was wondering if he had enough time & resources to be able to pull this sucker off. Well, if you check out Metro Jax's coverage of the event, you'll see that Glen's done a hell of a job so far and for all intents and purposes, it looks like it's going to go swimmingly with a bunch of attendance! See how cool our GrassHoppers are? We're super proud of 'em. They'll be the focus of next week's article :D Glen was even able to get News4Jax and Metro Jacksonville out to the event. Metro Jax will even be live-blogging - can't wait to meet 'em!

An event like this is great because A) it's free, B) it's pretty cool & laid back, C) it's free - did I mention that? D) it fits within our mission/vision. GrassLands participates in four beer/festivals each year - probably going to be a bunch more in 2014 - but for right now, all four fit with our mission component of community outreach & sustainability. We're simply proud to have the ability to be a part of these and we're really excited to do more in the coming years.

With that said, it's time to get ready, make the 2 1/2 hour hike to our First Coast neighbors to the east, and have some freakin' fun! Can't wait to see yo' faces! Enjoy your weekend, my dear readers, because you definitely deserve it! See you tomorrow!