What the heck's gonna be on tap anyways?

Over the past few months, our Facebook followers have been treated to the random "Fun Fact Department" notification (i.e. the expected total pounds of hops in our IPA recipe: FYI, it'll be A BUNCH). This past week, we blasted it out there that GrassLands would launch with 10 taps - sound about right for a microbrewery taproom? But what's gonna be on those taps? That, my dear readers, has been a mystery you're about to solve through the glory of the interwebz.

Many of you know we'll be launching first as a craft beer bar and then transitioning into a functional brewery several months afterwards. Oh you didn't? Well now ya do! See how awesome it is to be in the know? :D (okay, I'll stop being snarfy snarky now). Anyways, when we're a taproom, we'll essentially be a craft-focused bar while we wait on our brewery permitting from the Feds & the good ol' Sunshine State - serving primarily FL-brewed beer! Many breweries do this nowadays and while it's a means to an end considering the average waiting period to obtain the appropriate permitting, it's also a venue for folks to get to know us as the owners/operators of this brewery in-waiting and see the physical progress we're making toward commercial production.

For those first 6-8 months, we're really psyched about highlighting the diverse talents of our fellow Florida brewers. There's a lot going on in this state and we're proud of the passion that gets put into the craft. After we finally get permitting, it's on to brewing and 8 of those 10 taps will be GrassLands' beers...ALWAYS. The remaining 2 taps will be reserved for guest brews...ALWAYS! As the brewery expands in relation to market demands, we'll add more taps accordingly and even create a growler-filling station a-la Cigar City Brewery (if only, eh?).

So what will populate those initial 8 taps? Here's the breakdown, just for kicks (names still staying secret, FYI - except for LeeRoy the Red...sheesh, EVERYONE & their mother knows about LeeRoy):

  1. GrassLands' Flagship Ale (an Amber Rye) - Hoppy. Malty. Sessionable. Awesome. 
  2. GrassLands' Year-round offering #1 (An American IPA) - Hoppy. Hoppy. Hoppy. Awesome.
  3. GrassLands' Year-round offering #2 (A Belgian-style Rye Saison) - Liquid Uniqueness.
  4. GrassLands' Year-round offering #3 (An American Double Red) - One word: LEEEEEROY!
  5. GrassLands' Seasonal Series (Citrus Wit, Belgian Tripel, Belgian Strong) - Mmmm, Seasons.
  6. GrassLands' Taproom Exclusive #1 (Brewed on a 1-barrel pilot system) - Taproom guests be lucky.
  7. GrassLands' Taproom Exclusive #2 (Brewed on a 1-barrel pilot system)  - Taproom guests continue to be lucky.
  8. GrassLands' Rotational Sour Series (Brewed on a 1-barrel pilot system) - Taproom guests be REALLY lucky!

Sound good to you? I sure hope so, because it sounds freakin' stellar to me!

Srsly - just writing those down gets me all giddy. Let's get moving on this thing, eh? Don't worry. We are. I mean it. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we'll be putting out some major announcements!

With that, we'll leave you to it for now. Enjoy your weekend, my dear readers, because you definitely freakin' deserve it. Hit us up with your thoughts on the above taplist in the comment section below or here!