Happy Freakin' Fourth, 'Murica!

When we say brief, we mean it! This week's article is the quickest of quick and really, it's a means for us to take a break from the process of launching this shindig - what better time than in celebrating our country's birfday? Let's get to it!

How's about an update as to where we are (for all those that aren't in the know via our Fermentation Friday newsletter) in our progress toward opening a taproom and brewery? Well, long-story short, we're really close in the grand scheme of things. I've joked around a bit with folks lately that the proverbial rubber is about to hit the road - and it really is.

July should be an exciting month - August should be even better. We're working on paperwork left & right over here while at the same time brewing an average of once every 2.5 weeks. That's nuts! We've got a hair under 50 gallons fermenting at GrassLands HQ. We've got Pro-Forma, Budgets & Business plan data out the wazoo (whatever that means) - so forgive us for gettin' a little light on the content this week. We'll be back with a bang after the holiday!

With that, we sincerely want you all to have a blast of a 4th of July holiday this weekend, because you most definitely deserve it! Stay safe, and for my fellow Tallahasseans, stay dry! This weather gettin' cray over here! So whatever you're doin' today, be it wet or dry, enjoy yourself some (local) craft beer!