Why we're doin' what we're doin'

What's in a mission statement? What does it mean? What's GrassLands' mission statement?

Here's our take. A mission statement shouldn't be just a bunch of hollow words (as the above comic illustrates). It should be a reflection of your company's or organization's values, its personality, and its place in the world. More than that, it should be a guide for how a business operates each and every day. A random customer shouldn't have a hard time tying a business' behavior with its mission statement.

For the record, here's our official mission statement:

GrassLands Brewing Company's mission is to provide the residents and visitors of Tallahassee, FL (in addition to the Panhandle and eventually the entire state of Florida) with outstanding and uniquely crafted beers made with 100% natural malts, hops and ingredients from around the world. Moreover, GrassLands will use local and organic ingredients whenever and however possible. GrassLands will utilize environment-friendly and sustainability-focused business practices as much as possible in all facets of the brewery, including brewing operations, packaging and merchandise.

GrassLands is also committed to local outreach efforts, the environment and animal welfare. Our slogan: Earth First Ales represents our pledge to bring public awareness to and positively impact the conservation and sustainability of the environment and animal habitats, especially in the coastal regions of the southeast United States. This will be accomplished through collaborations & partnerships with local and regional farms, co-op gardens and other non-profits via regular outreach initiatives. 

Finally, GrassLands will stimulate economic growth, create and provide jobs and promote the city of Tallahassee and the state of Florida through community relations and outreach efforts. 

Whew! I've got no idea if that's too lengthy of a mission statement or not (probably is), but I don't care. It's what we are. It's what we strive to be. We want GrassLands to represent so much more than beer. It'll take a while for that to sink in with folks (as well as accomplish), but we don't mind.

This is why we like to participate in events like the Green Lion Festival (August 3rd - BE THERE O' BE SQUARE!), partner with awesome local/regional businesses like Sweet Grass Dairy, and get involved with the community through really innovative initiatives like Sustainable Tallahassee. Sure, we want to make excellent and unique, high-quality craft beer. That's a given. However, our perspective is that if we are going to be a for-profit business, we want to make sure we give back and be extremely involved in the community. If we're looking to be to Tallahassee what Cigar City is to Tampa, what Sweetwater is to Atlanta, what Brooklyn Brewery is to...Brooklyn, that means we follow the mission statement through and through.

Checking out a presentation at Sustainable Tallahassee's "Green Drinks" event

Speaking of Sustainable Tallahassee...talk about a core group of folks that are committed to putting Tallahassee on the map with regard to green initiatives like renewable energies, practical/sustainable business practices,  & more. We've had the pleasure of interacting with Sustainable Tallahassee only for a brief amount of time, but we're very eager to be even more involved. Tallahassee is a cool place, and it's because of the progress these people are making toward innovation. Hearing the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce speak on striving to become the next Austin, TX or Asheville, NC, it's no surprise a cool initiative like Sustainable Tallahassee is growing in popularity. Oh, and they all seem to really dig craft beer. Awesome Sauce!

So given what we've talked about, you now know what to expect from us as a business as well as a member of the greater community. We hope we'll mean something similar to you. The term "green" is a vague expression and can be interpreted a number of ways. We want to convey that we are Earth-Conscious, but we also understand that some folks are just looking to sit down and enjoy a pint of good beer and don't need to be preached at. Totally get it - we're not going to be in your face about our mission, but we definitely will abide by it. You'll see.

So, with ALL that said (I can't help but be wordy), we'll leave you guys & gals to it for now. Have a blast of a pre-4th of July weekend, my dear readers, because you most definitely deserve it!