Don't worry, America...we caught the IPA bug too

Crikey! Well, how do you follow up the week after an uber-successful Pints for Paws event? With brewing? You got it!

Earlier this week, new brewing buddy Andrew P. helped us to get our 2nd and 3rd test batches of our IPA recipe under way. If we received one compliment request more than any others at Pints for Paws, it was "ZOMG!!! MOAR IPA!!!1!!" Okay, okay! Keep your shirt on! We're close on a solid recipe - hope you like hops! But seriously, a well put-together IPA is an absolute thing of beauty.

It's interesting to see where the country's priorities are in terms of popular craft beer styles. In the chart above, it's quite obvious what the US wants in terms of a specific style of beer - think the US has IPA fever? I thought it was just Atlanta that caught the bug - nope. It's taking the country by (hop)storm! We're happy to help prevent a cure! :D

So by our count, as of now there are 32 gallons of beer split across three different batches happily fermenting away in the GrassLands household. By next weekend, we'll have 40! Wacky! That's an active June, wouldn't you say? We're excited to continue both the replication, experimentation and perfection of all our recipes!


Now it's time to get into what we hinted was going on in our Fermentation Fridays email newsletter. One of our awesome GrassHoppers, Glen W., has an innovative event set up for an August 3rd launch date in the historic neighborhood of San Marco in Jacksonville. The Green Lion Festival will be held on Aardwolf Brewery's grounds and will celebrate awareness of green-focused businesses, innovative organizations and community outreach. GrassLands is extremely happy to participate and represent the FL Panhandle in what should be a freakin' awesome time! We'll be bringing four beers to serve and hopefully hold at least a candle to Aardwolf's craft beer quality :)

That's all for this week, folks - brief, I know...but as more details emerge on the event, we'll blast it out to ya! We're psyched! More events = More beer!

So have a freakin' blast of a weekend my dear readers, because you most definitely deserve it!