Pints for Paws Information Onslaught (Empire Strikes Back Edition)

We ready! It's nearly here! It's nearly here! It's nearly here! It's nearly here! It's nearly here! It's nearly here!

Like a kid on Christmas morning, we're ridiculously excited to serve as proud homebrewers in our favorite event of the season: Pints for Paws. Last year, my homebrew club brewed & donated over 400 gallons of hand-crafted ales to over 1,000 awesome patrons; raising $15,000 in the process...up from $12,000 the year before and $10,500 the year before that. This year, it is my firm belief that we'll easily surpass those incredible totals! The purpose of this event is so in line with what GrassLands wishes to do with the community at large that it's scary.

Some guys will be bringing 10+ kegs...others just one or two. Personally, we'll be bringing our standard total of four batches - two of which are P4P repeats and two brand newbies. Here's a breakdown of what we'll have to offer at tomorrow's event (each lovingly named after GrassLands' furry family members - all of whom are either rescues or adoptees):

  1. King Oliver

    King Oliver's Rye Saison (6.5% ABV) - Oliver rules the GrassLands household with a furry, iron fist. He demanded we continue serving our crowd favorite, the Rye Saison. Saisons are awesome in their uniqueness as well as how appropriate they are for hotter climates (both in brewing/fermenting and in consumption). Saisons (French for seasonscan range in flavor and aroma, from slightly floral to hoppy to spicy. This beer gives us the chance to continue our creative push at GrassLands by combining the flavors imparted by the Belgian yeast strain in addition to the spicy finish from the rye. This is definitely one of our favorites.

  2. Queen Olivia

    Queen Olivia's Citrus Wit (5.2% ABV) - Our (and Olivia's) unique take on an age-old, Belgian beer. This is a very soft & fruity ale with heavy hints of citrus zest and coriander on the nose, coupled with traditional Belgian aromas like clove & bananas.  The term "wit" is interchangeable with "white" and "blanche" - and it typically refers to the light color of the beer. Plenty of wheat, fruit, oats & spice to go around - all finishing with a refreshing taste to combat the Florida heat. This will be infused/randalled with Florida citrus fruit at the event, so keep those eyes peeled! 

  3. Prince Beamer

    Beamer's "Best" Coast IPA (7% ABV) - In our continued efforts to roll out test batches of our future flagship (Panhandle Amber Rye), I feel we may have unintentionally forgotten to work on one of our favorite styles of beer, when done right: the IPA. Beamer is aggressive and in your face demanding attention - much like the "Best" Coast IPA. Stemming from our first test batch this year, this IPA was designed as a hybrid between the east coast (balanced malt & hops) and west coast (dry & hop forward) approaches to the style. Heavy citrus & pineapple aromas are complemented by a residual sweetness in the malt. This will be "keg" hopped with additional Citra hops at the event - then infused/randalled with even more hops (ZOMG! MOAR HOPSH!!!). You won't want to miss this one - or else you'll have to answer to Beamer.

  4. Princesses Cami (top) & Sushi (bottom)

    Femme-Feline "Funki-Rye" Saison (6.2% ABV) - The princesses of the GrassLands household, Sushi and Cami, reserved the right as the longest-tenured furry family members to be named after the most unique offering we'll be serving at this year's event. Essentially, the Femme-Feline "Funki-Rye" Saison is the same beer as King Oliver's Rye Saison listed above, but fermented with a Farmhouse yeast strain. Farmhouse yeast imparts an interesting aroma and flavor to beers. Brettanomyces (or "brett" for short) is the souring bacteria typically found in these strains - and contributes earthy aromas & flavors like grass, hay, barnyard, etc., complementing a variety of styles of beer. We're really excited about this one, simply for the experimental factor. Sushi & Cami both agree. Floral? Check. Spice? Check. Pleasant sour aromas/flavors? CHECK!

Get some, kids! This should be a total blasty blast and we're super psyched to participate in Pints for Paws for the 4th year in a row. With that, we'll leave you to it for now. We really hope to see your face tomorrow and just remember what your donation really means and the impact it's making on the lives of thousands of animals throughout the Tallahassee region that cannot help themselves.

Whether or not we see you, have an excellent weekend my dear readers, because you most definitely deserve it. If you can't make it or if you live out of town - be sure to support your local animal shelters!