The start of a crazy month

Things seem to always heat up around this time of year, literally and figuratively. Wanna hear what my May looks like?

  • Brewing our IPA test batches 1 & 2 next week,
  • Touring Orlando/Tampa/St. Pete for a little "business" research May 10-13,
  • Attending the Craft Beer/Import Festival in Jacksonville w/some family & GrassHoppers the weekend following that,
  • Judging for the HogTown Brew-Off in Gainesville the next weekend, and
  • Finally a weekend home w/the wife to close out what has quickly turned into Crazy May. To top that all off, Pints for Paws 2013 is the following weekend on June 8th! Sheesh!

But it's all good in the neighborhood - we're excited to be brewing, learning & meeting new folks all along the way. We're exceptionally excited for next weekend where we'll be touring & meeting with several brewers throughout the Orlando, Tampa & St. Pete areas. We've talked up the craft beer scene and its notoriety regarding paying things forward for the good of the industry...and we've noticed it's even more prevalent with Florida-based breweries. Can't wait for the trip and to report back to you, my dear readers, on how it went!

Having said that - what a way to get Craft Beer Week started! We've chatted in the past about the celebration of the industry and the craft that is hand-made beer - and this year's week-long celebration is from May 13-19. In the immortal words of Drink Like a Local: Support your Local Brewery! Chances are, you'll be able to find out more about your own local beer scene from advertisements for Craft Beer Week, so keep your eyes peeled!

But really, folks - it's not just about celebrating the's about celebrating your local small business. Every brewery tends to start out on a shoelace budget and is scraping to get by, simply for the love of producing craft beer. Your support makes it possible for the craft beer industry to thrive - and for the boundaries of craft beer to be pushed to the max and beyond. I just read that there's now a Top 10 list for peanut butter craft beers. Yes, Peanut. Butter. Craft. Beers. #Whodathunkit?

As GrassLands inches closer with each passing day toward becoming a real-life production craft brewery, we're thankful for celebrations like these. It allows us access to the innovation that happens on a daily basis throughout the country - and even more so in the state of Florida! We're psyched about entering the field and we can't reiterate that enough.

So let's kick off May with a bang, shall we? Year-round recipe development of IPAs 1 & 2 gettin' started next week and a mystery Beliner/Florida weiss to follow! Have a completely awesome, and dry, weekend my dear readers, because you most definitely deserve it.