Can never be too prepared...

Isn't it great when you think you're on top of're forced to take two steps back and enjoy a slice of life? Last week it was a death in the family. This week it's been the flu. Ugggggggggh. Bear with us for one more brief week as we try to get back to somewhat of a normal day-to-day.

When you're sidelined with the flu, aside from sleeping - you've got a lot of downtime to think. The flu allows you to do only so much without over-exerting yourself. For me, this week offered me the time to circle back on GrassLands' approach toward its planning & preparation to become a legitimate business. I know, you've heard me say it a thousand times (seemingly) - we're not traditional entrepreneurs. I think that bodes well for us because we've taken the "do absolutely everything we can to be prepared" approach before actually launching GrassLands. As we get close to putting things down in ink (like products, location, license requests, etc.), I'm very happy we've accumulated the knowledge via research ahead of time.

One thing I hadn't really thought of until this past week was the unforeseen circumstance -  anything that might require a prolonged absence (more than a day or two) away from work (i.e. the flu, deaths in the family, natural disasters, etc.). When you're operating a production brewery that needs to stay on a tight schedule, how do you even begin to think about preparing for such an instance? Being sick all week has made me very cognizant of the fact that we'll need reliable staff on the brewery floor and in the taproom if I'm out for a given period of time. I'll knock on wood - I don't get sick all that often, but when I am incapacitated, what then? What if a hurricane is coming up the Gulf and threatens operations for an unknown period of time? All businesses need a back-up plan...GrassLands will be no different. More stuff to keep me up at night, eh?

I know this all sounds like I'm wringing my wrists with worry over the unknown and how we'll deal with it, but really, it's a good thing to be thinking about stuff like this wayyyy ahead of time. If there's one attribute about us in our planning for GrassLands that has been reinforced over and over again, it's our attention to detail - our due-diligence in preparation. While we're not experts, we're definitely learning more and more with each passing week about all the facets of small business ownership. The previous concern over reliable staff has made me excited for the time when we begin to recruit like-minded and energetic people to be a part of the GrassLands brewing family. Concern over the unknown makes me that much more eager to put several plans together - all beginning with: "In case of..." I've always known there's more to this business than brewing great beer - weeks like this just shed light on all the other minutiae that goes into the actual business of brewing great beer :)

As this pesky virus winds its way down, I'm excited to get back into brewing...which has been very quiet as of late on the GrassLands front. For the first time in a long time, I've got 80% of my fermentation space freed up! Time to break out the recipes for our IPA, our Imperial IPA, our Gold-Medal winning Rye Saison, and our Meyers Lemon Belgian Wit! Excited? Alrighty then!

So we'll leave you to it for now. Have an awesome weekend, my dear readers, because you most definitely deserve it. Oh, and you can never have too much Purell around the house! ;)