Hunahpu Day Hangover

Hahahahahahaha! So it was hyped and hyped and hyped and hyped. Cigar City Brewery's annual imperial imperial stout release: Hunahpu's Day came & went. Supposedly 10,000 beer lovers attended the brewery's big ol' party and GrassLands & Broken Cog had a great time - even though we thought it could've been better planned. 10,000 people is a lot to plan for. Hell, the BrewFest Tallahassee event only gets around 2,500 each year - and that's a bunch to deal with. My advice for Cigar City - work with a local rotary as they're typically more than enthused about craft beer and if a mission can be incorporated into the event: all the better.

The absolute best part about Hunahpu's Day, aside from all the awesome beer being served and shared, for me was getting to meet and interact with a BUNCH of GrassHoppers that we'd yet to officially see in person! It's one thing to interact online, it's quite another to hear encouragement face-to-face...especially from other commercial brewers! (I'm looking at you Randy of Three Palms)! An event like Hunahpu's Day, even when not as well planned and maybe over-attended, still makes for a great environment to celebrate good beer. The bottle-sharing that was going on in concert with the homebrewing clubs' offerings were second-to-none. I couldn't even keep up with Untappd/BrewskiMe posting!

As I mentioned in this week's Fermentation Friday's newsletter (get on our mailin' list, ya'll!) - life can sneak up on you sometimes. Saralyn & I had a family member pass early this week and we've been going seemingly non-stop since Tuesday. It's been tough to deal with and sad on the family & friends, but the support is still there from a tight-knit group. It just makes you realize that no matter how ambitious and eager you are to get something going (like GrassLands) - life is more than happy to serve you a nice slice of humble pie to make you realize what's most important.

With that being said, we're very happy & proud to say that when GrassLands finally gets off the ground, it'll be as a family owned & operated brewing business. That may not be uncommon in the brewing industry, but we'll still be proud about it nonetheless.

As such, we're keepin' it short this week. We'll be back at it next week and keep your eyes open for a future guest post from none other than Saralyn Grass - my absolute better half and the rock of GrassLands' support! What's she got to say? Keep your ears to the ground as I'll be hollering once she's ready to post :)

So have a great and safe St. Patty's Day weekend, my dear readers, because you most definitely deserve it. And don't ever take your family for granted!