The art of a review...

We're going brief on content this week...but for good reason. I'm taking a bit of time to construct what March will bring. Changes and improvements are certainly on the horizon! Me and my mastermind of graphic design/imaging/branding/identity (Mike P.) are doing the creativity thing with an awesome west coast artist (Dave S.) on bringing GrassLands' imagery to life. I think you're really gonna dig what's in store. We also love it when folks are willing to work for consumables :P

Store? Who said store? Oh yeah, speaking of stores - we've been dragging our feet on that front. GrassLands' apparel line is going to be somewhat tied to the new stuff we're working on with our West Coast buddy Dave S. But that's no excuse to not keep going forward with some base stuff, which we really like. Our goal was to get the store up & running by the close of the 1st quarter in 2013. We'll see if we can make it.

But let's get to the content at hand, shall we? The theme of this! More specifically, the GrassHoppers! There's been a flurry of review activity that's gone on over the past few months that I've yet to highlight here. That changes today. We wanted to point out some of the awesome, extremely detailed, and VERY unique reviews we've received on our beers we've sent out so far. These aren't all encompassing, just some of the more enjoyable reviews we've received. If you'll notice, the page menus up to the top right corner have changed a bit and now we've got a new drop-down menu: The GrassHopper Review Club! Want to review some GrassLands beer and get it highlighted? First and only step: Join the GrassHoppers, silly! Membership is Guaranteed!

Check out some of the awesome reviews we've received so far - just click & enjoy!


Tally-Ho! American Amber Ale

LeeRoy the Red Imperial Amber Ale

Black Rose Standard Imperial Stout

Until next week, have an awesome weekend my dear readers, because you most definitely deserve it.