What to expect when you're brewin'

With 2012 in the books, it's time to look ahead to the odd numbered year that the Mayans didn't see coming: 2013. Oh yeah, Happy Freakin' New Year, by the way!

By now, hopefully you've had a chance to check out our expected production/lottery/event calendar. If you haven't, it's as easy as cake - simply click here. We're excited about the looming 4.5+ barrels of craft goodness that we'll be bringing to life throughout the year. We're excited about finalizing the LeeRoy the Red Imperial Amber, Fiery Plains Imperial IPA, and CaramelRye Pale Ale recipes. We're excited to be having a lottery 11 out of the next 12 months. We're excited about the potential collaboration with professional brewers in the area. We're excited about future tastings and meeting new GrassHoppers. We're excited to be that much closer toward launching.

What should you expect from us (aside from beer, of course)? Here's just a few things off the top of the old noggin:

  1. Our ever-talked about online store to be launched first or second quarter - numerous styles of shirts & designs and other random GrassLands paraphernalia;
  2. An updated lottery schedule - expected lotteries to take place the last Thursday of each month (save for February);
  3. The announcement of our first crowdfunding initiative - expected fourth quarter of 2013;
  4. A new email newsletter system (are you on the email list? wink wink; nudge nudge!); and
  5. Invitations to select brewdays!

With the onset of another year, everyone and their mother begins to think about resolutions. Usually, they're about getting back in to shape (guilty), saving money (guilty), or eating right (guilty). Our primary resolution for 2012 (besides brewing great beer - which should be expected, right?) is to absorb as much information as possible regarding both the unseen aspects of the craft beer industry (distribution, regulation, taxation, state & federal policy, etc.) and the intricacies and impact of small business ownership in general.

I note in this week's email newsletter that while we've got an ideal launching point of mid-2014, GrassLands will absolutely not launch unless we feel we're as completely prepared (both personally and professionally) as we possibly can be. This speaks more toward my entrepreneurial naivete. Lack of preparation/planning (in addition to lack of capital) is one of the primary reasons why small businesses fail in their first 3-5 years. If our resolution (which will continue into 2014 and ultimately until GrassLands launches) holds true, GrassLands can be a successful endeavor. The trick will be to still have fun and hopefully raise capital at the same time!

So with the seriousness out of the way, we're eager to get the first (double)brew of the year under our belt this weekend - experimental batches #4 and #5 of LeeRoy the Red Imperial Amber! Bring it on, 2013!!!

Have an awesome weekend, my dear readers, because you deserve it. We're looking forward to continuing our ever-increasing level of interactivity with you all!