Happy Non-Armageddon Day!

Still here? I thought you might be - as did the majority of the world.  I only wish I had more beer to share!

Anyways, today's post will be on the short/sweet side as things continue to heat up for the remainder of 2012. Granted, if the world is still around by 12:01 tomorrow morning, we'll just have to move on to the next apocalypse. Though I will have to give credit to Unibroue for an excellent marketing technique to get people to drink more of their La Fin du Monde (The end of the world). :)

If you were paying attention on our Twitter or Facebook pages, you saw last week that we celebrated the holidays early with some family in Atlanta. GrassLands came away with some really cool digs - a set of 4 custom GrassLands pint glasses courtesy of brother Elliot and his g/f Paulina and a sweet GrassLands sign made by brother-in-law and GrassLands' Chief Creative Officer-in waiting Mike and sister Erin. Stoked!

However, it got me thinking what I'd like to give you, my dear readers, in celebration of the holidays. You already have access to my beer through your voluntary membership in the GrassHoppers Review Club (which acceptance is 100% and ongoing now and always!), and the online store isn't ready yet (thinking end of January), so what can I do for you guys? In my efforts to keep this as interactive as humanly possible, I'd love to hear what you'd like to see more from GrassLands in 2013. Please feel free to let us know via commenting below, emailing, whatever and however you want! We just want to hear from you!!!

I do have an idea - and maybe it's totally unfounded - but I was very impressed to see the brewing schedule put out by Cigar City Brewing earlier this week. It gives you a sense of what they're going to be brewing, when they'll be brewing it, how much of each batch they'll be brewing, and so on. I find that amazing! I'm thinking that before the close of 2012, I'll provide (in next week's post) GrassLands' expected brew/fermentation/tasting schedule for 2013. How's that sound? I think it sounds just dandy :) This will give everyone the opportunity to stay on top of GrassLands' activities while at the same time holding us up to our end of the bargain :)

Anyways, as we wind down the end of 2012 (not the world), we continue to be thankful for you, dear readers. You are the inspiration that keeps us going. You will (now and always) have a huge hand in making GrassLands a successful venture. You are the ones tasting our beers before our recipes are finalized. You are influencing us to do great things. You are pushing us to be innovative. You are an extremely important cog in this journey. I can't emphasize that enough.

With that, we'll close for this week and we'll be back with one final post before we kick off 2013 with a freakin' bang! Enjoy your holiday, my dear readers, because you deserve it.