Shirts, Shirts, Shirts!

As mentioned earlier in the week (as well as in previous posts), we're coming very close to the goal of launching our apparel line. Our goal is to get it up & ready to go by the end of this coming January - that way we can kick off the capital/fundraising phase of GrassLands' biz-planning with a bang! (Oh yeah, you'll also be doing us a huge favor simply by reppin' GLB with some sweet threads :))

Everything I've read and heard about starting a brewery is that the actual beer production is such a small component to the business, compared to everything else we're going to have to do to make this venture successful not only for ourselves, but for our investors too. Both Saralyn and myself are getting ready to wear multiple different hats on behalf of GrassLands - one of those hats (at least partially) is marketing. A big part of marketing: apparel.

Saralyn and I had an awesome introductory meeting with a local screen printing vendor this week. After taking a tour of the facility, we realized that there are so many different things that can go into apparel production that it can make your head spin. I mean..."Hey, I just want to brew beer!" Regardless, we're plowing through any/all possible design ideas and different fabrics, shirt types, etc. etc. etc. Know this, GrassHoppers, whatever the final designs are for our apparel line, we're going to be infusing our mission into its production - think eco-friendly fabric & ink. We also are all about supporting local businesses, and these guys seem great to work with right off the bat.

So with that, we'll get to your opinions! Below are two polls for different themed shirts - one being the GrassHoppers Membership shirt and the other being the general GrassLands Brewing Co shirt. These are by no means final products; more like directions in which we're thinking of going design-wise. Shirt & logo color(s) can & probably will change, in addition to logo size, printing, layout, etc. At the very minimum, we wanted to get your opinions on our base shirts as a start.

So fire away, GrassHoppers!!! (FYI, you can fully integrate your vote(s) through a social networking vehicle of your preference - which we would definitely appreciate!) Shirts are front & back, left to right. And keep in mind, you can vote anonymously - you don't have to link up via Facebook or Twitter - that's just icing on the cake for us :))

[socialpoll id="3188"]

[socialpoll id="3190"]

We'll take a look at the results of these two polls after a few weeks and we'll go from there!

So not too long of a post today (even though it looks as such). Got a busy couple of weeks and weekends ahead of us as we break into 2013. We're totally excited and we're stoked to have you on board as we gradually step on the planning pedal! Have a wonderful weekend, my dear readers, because you deserve it.