Politics or Beer? Hmmm...


...And with our usage of the above image, the "Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos" post-election joke/meme may have permanently broken the internet.

After the happenings of this past Tuesday, we understand everyone is probably inundated in their own personal circles with political/election arguments discussions. We certainly have been. At GrassLands we are merely just happy to be continuing along on our path toward becoming an official production brewing company!

To get mildly serious for a moment: you won’t ever find us pandering to one group of people/ideas/etc. over another – we really just want to bring people together through our hard work; through our craft. Regardless of who holds office (at Federal, State or Local levels), the only issues we actively address are those that fit within our mission:

  1. Creating awareness for craft beer and influencing the informed revision of antiquated post-prohibitionist laws and policies – especially those in the southern US states; and
  2. Creating awareness for and influencing change in laws and policies concerning animal/environment conservation and sustainability.

That’s it. Pretty simple, right? We welcome any and all to enjoy GrassLands’ ales – in fact, we even encourage it :) With beer, we really can all get along! (Or at least we’d like to think we can)

Time to catch up. So Brewfest Tallahassee 2012 was yet again a huge hit! We got to see some folks we met a year ago and we made a bunch of new friends (you know who you are). Many, many thanks go out to the Sunrise Rotary, especially French B. and Park B. for making it that easy for us to serve our beer to the VIP crowd. Our group of local brewers, and that includes Proof and Momo’s Brewpub, did an absolute bang-up job with their beers. We personally brought four beers: LeeRoy the Red Imperial Amber #3, Secale Cereale (rye) Saison, Saralyn’s DC Honey Blonde, and our Hard Cider. For the most part, it seemed like the ladies really dug the honey blonde and the gents were all about the Saison and LeeRoy. Awesome!

A new buddy, James G. of Southern Beer Review (out of Thomasville, GA), stated in his podcast about the event that aside from Sam Adams’ Black & Brew, the local brewers provided the best tasting beer he had at the entire event. That’s saying something from a beer-reviewer! We were really happy to meet James and a bunch of other people at the event and we’re totally looking forward to doing it again next year. Won’t be long before we start serving the general admission crowd!

The morning after, I had planned on brewing the 2012 Black Rose Immortal Imperial Stout. “Had” being the operative word. For some reason unbeknownst to me, I forgot to either drink water or eat food at Brewfest. Needless to say, I needed some recuperation time the following day. Good thing none of you new GrassHoppers got in touch to come and brew with me, because it certainly wasn’t getting done on Sunday! That’s okay though; we brewed it up the following evening and ended up with 9 gallons of 1.095 Imperial Stout. Color me stoked! Many of you know the “extra” ingredients that’ll get added in when I batch age the stout for a month; as well as how excited I am about ‘em :)

Got a lot more planned for the coming months and I’m happy to include you all in those plans! We’ve got several brewdays scheduled, and just off the top of my head:  a potential 2nd brewing of the 2012 Black Rose Immortal Imperial Stout, an Atlanta-based Fiery Plains Imperial IPA, Red Panda Rye, King Oliver’s Organic Hard Cider w/Georgia (mountain-grown) Fuji apples for the Broken Cog wedding in March, and LeeRoy the Red Imperial Amber experimental batches #4 and #5. This all in addition to the collab-brew with Fermentation Lounge! Whew!

Also, now that we’ve decided that Tallahassee is to be GrassLands home-base, it’s time to really take strategic steps toward an eventual launch – which we’re tentatively planning on being Spring/Summer of 2014. Optimistic? Maybe. Realistic? Maybe. I can deal with maybe. That means talking with potential investors, business consultants, distributors, contractors, you name it. I’m also starting to work with a local entrepreneurship firm on consultation & business mentorship. This stuff is gettin real, y’all.

Last but not least, an update on our apparel line. We’re currently researching our best possible vendor and expect over the next month a couple of multi-post weeks – where we’re looking to get feedback on style of shirt and color – your input requested!! Excited about that? My goal is to get the online store up and running by the end of January, if not earlier. Proceeds from specific items will fund specific aspects of the brewery! :)

With that, I’ll leave you to it. Have an awesome holiday weekend, dear readers – and remember why you’re not working on Monday!