Holy Crap!!!

Well, this was certainly a week to remember, eh? I mentioned in last week's post how the branding initiative was coming together...and it certainly has. My brother-in-law, Mike, and I had been working on the above "seal" for GrassLands and the standalone "typeface" logo (below) for nearly three months. You guys have no idea how much I've been wanting to give you a taste of both of these - but they simply weren't ready. Still, it's amazing to me how far the branding has come along and what it means to me and to the brewery.

Mike had an interesting quote that kinda put me at ease throughout this entire process:

"Branding is going to feel uncomfortable...mainly because you've never done it - but also because you're trying to find a medium between what looks good, what feels right, and what represents you...what is GrassLands' identity?"

Indeed. At times, the development of the above logo(s) was extremely uncomfortable. I've got, for better or worse, a people-pleasing personality. As a result, it's difficult for me to say "no" to something I don't want. I end up saying no anyways, but I feel uncomfortable doing it - call me crazy :) . However, I couldn't be happier with the end result. Mike is really good at what he does and I'm so thankful that I've got a family as supportive and as talented as they are. My brother, Elliot, will be putting the finishing touches on the GrassHoppers membership logo soon as well. Awesome!

The official launch of these logo(s) will also be (eventually) accompanied by major changes to the site soon. One recurring thing I've been asked about is GrassLands apparel. Shhhh...things are in motion! Also, our new email system is now in place and should you guys need to get in touch, simply bang the contact button at the bottom of the page. It's crazy how fast this thing is taking off - much more than I had anticipated and at times, seems slightly overwhelming. Regardless, I'm doing my best to take it in stride. The big picture will probably become much clearer after the holidays, but in between then and now, I've got work to do!

The GrassHoppers Review Club has doubled in size in the last month. That's blown my mind the most. I wish I could get all of you samples of my beer - especially the ones who live out of town. You guys know who you are. Eventually, you'll all be able to get them at your convenience, but for the time being, while I save up for GrassLands' capital, we've gotta limit our per-batch lottery to 3 bottles. But like I said, you'll have an equal chance to win each time! Upcoming ales to be reviewed: First Light Summer Ale (lighter blonde brewed with coriander and dryhopped with local-grown Cascade hops), Fiery Plains Imperial IPA (10 hop additions!), and the gold medal-winning Rye Saison. That's a bit, wouldn't you say? In the past three weeks, I've ordered four more 5g kegs and three more 6g fermenters just to keep up with all this brewing! My house does smell amazing though, so I've got that going for me - which is nice.

Additionally, as usual in the Fall season, I've got two events to cover - Brewfest Tallahassee (which I've told you guys about) and OctoBEERfest - a work function for which I've been supplying the beverages since 2009. Both are really fun and it's always a good thing to expose your product to as many people as you can. GrassLands' visibility is starting to go into overdrive!

In all, I'm really excited about where this is going and how fast it's happening. I'm almost forced to work on four-to-five business plans for the cities/states in which I envision GrassLands potentially operating. That way, I can be prepared to discuss GLB's possibilities with investors as needed. Where will it be? That's still to be determined, but I'm okay with that for the time being. This whole research & development phase has been extremely enlightening humbling.

With that, I'll leave you to it for now. Enjoy your weekend, dear readers - because you deserve it. On to the next week!